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Describe the perfect woman?

Asked by BeccaBoo (2725points) April 17th, 2011

In your opinion, whether she’d be a friend, lover, wife etc.

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She doesn’t exist….....owwwww!!! Okay the wife, wow that hurt :¬(

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5’6” 112lbs brown hair, blue eyes, enjoys singing, compassionate, understanding and good sense of humor.

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I see her in the mirror every morning. ;D

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Big brown eyes, lovely curly light brown hair, dimpled cheeks, stunning smile, slim but healthy,loves to eat, funny and kind, a good listener, loving and grateful,intelligent and The best sister ever.
Hopefully my younger sister later on in the future. My perfect woman/friend/sister.

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My partner.

(Okay, maybe she could do the dishes more often, but that goes for me, too. :P)

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5’4”- 5’6” height
120–130 lbs
Long dark wavy hair
Any color eyes
Soft voice
Melodic laugh
Quieter rather than louder
Socially versatile
Physically versatile
Chef in the kitchen and courtesan in the bedroom.

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Loves me unconditionally
Loves movies
Laughs sweetly
Loves to explore with mind and body
Likes to cook
Loathes racism

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Honesty would be a plus….. “I love men with a great sense of humour”.. yeah right. ;-)
Try again… :-/

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She’s around five foot seven. She’s got medium length wavy hair haloing her face. It looks great even when she’s got bed head. Her eyes are caring and sincere. Her chin a perfect curve and lips thin yet voluptuous. Her nose, she thinks, is too big, but for me, like everything else about her, it is perfect.

She dances, she has a wonderful sense of humor and the greatest voice that sends shivers down my spine when I hear it. That voice makes me wish I had a portable transporter, because whenever I hear it, I want to be next to her, not wherever I am.

She’s creative—with words and design and dance. Her legs are long, her hips are wide, her breasts are perfectly shaped.

I could talk to her all day long, and then into the night.

Best of all, she absolutely adores me. She holds nothing back. She is as into me as I am into her. Fireworks, bells and all.

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Looks unimportant; someone kind, creative, thoughtful and open-minded.

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My wife. No question.

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Once @lucillelucillelucille gets her Garrand….perfection! ;)

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Myrna Loy
Betty Boop
Teresa Wright
Natalie Portman
Marge Simpson
Dorothy Parker

I like women who are strong, intelligent, sensitive, independant, funny, and loving.
My wife only has a couple of those qualities, yet I prefer her to any of the women above, and I have no idea why.

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The perfect woman is one that knows nobody is perfect.

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My perfect woman is Silvina Valz, shown here dancing with Ciko in NYC – she is the one wearing the pants. I’m in the audience, having an orgasm. Or six. Here, she is dancing with her partner Oliver who was one of my two tango teachers.

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