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Where can I store my film reviews online?

Asked by victord66 (201points) April 17th, 2011

I would like to subscribe to a site where I can save my film reviews, not necessarily for publication, but so that I can access them for future reference. I subscribe to a site for books called and would like something similar for films. I have had an account on imdb for years and have rated over 1000 films but it’s just a 10 point rating. I would like a place where I can store personal observations and feelings, but don’t necessarily want to post them on imdb. It’s the type of site where you are immediately pounced on if you have anything negative to say about a film. Also it would be time consuming to find a particular post about a film.

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I would start a blog on blogspot.

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I would second blogspot. Its a good site and extremely simplistic to use. And if you dont want others reading just dont share the URL

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Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve already started a blogspot. Great idea!

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If you want something even easier than Blogspot, you could also try

What’s really neat is that you can add items simply by email even through a mobile device.

I discovered it because I wanted someplace where I could easily place pics of my kitty taken with my iPhone without having to transfer them to my computer first in order to upload them.

It is the easiest site in the world to use (for a technotard like me) and they’ve recently added a bunch of different themes.

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