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What should I get my husband for our second anniversary?

Asked by dindinbaby (329points) April 17th, 2011

My husband and I are going to be celebrating our 2nd anniversary in about a month and I am struggling with gift ideas following the traditional suggestion of gifts made of cotton. He doesn’t need another bathrobe, and I want it to be more significant than a t-shirt. Please help!

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A cotton hammock would be cool and fun! ;)

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Does he golf? A personalized cotton golf towel is a possibility along with a cotton golf shirt.

Does he cook out on the grill? A cool cotton BBQ apron.

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If he’s a reader and you want to go “tongue in cheek” how about the Diary of Cotton Mather?

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Maybe a vacation to any town that sounds appealing in one of the biggest cotton producing states in the U.S would be worhty.

Or Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Anything relating to the Cotton Club(New_York_City) in New York City. Might be a trip to the site, might be a CD with legends who performed there.

Maybe a trip to Coney Island or some other fun amusement park with the express intention of buying some cotton candy.

Making a donation in support of an animal charity that supports bunnies (cottontails).

A DVD movie of any movie that starred or featured actor Joseph Cotten.

A plain old bathrobe might be blase, but a cotton Kimono can be down right luxurious. Check it out

Or purchase (or borrow) a lovely cotton tablecloth and fix your husband a special home-cooked meal.

Or get his favorite (but old and torn or scratched) chair re-covered in a lovely cotton slip-cover.

If you are a stitcher, you could make a quilt out of cotton fabric pieces. Something like this

Not sure if either of you like camping, but there’s a company called Soulpad that makes nifty cotton camping tents.

And again, if you like camping here’ a “site“ that has some neat cotton bucket hats. You can fill out the hat gift with a camping trip.

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How about a Sugar Bear? Saw them once in a mall and they were very cute! After asking the sellers questions I left believing it’s not hard to take care of them at all. But the cost could be a little prohibitive though.

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a hat crocheted of cotton yarn.

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@Kardamom Great suggestion on the Egyptian Cotton sheets!

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