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Notebook charger this a serious problem?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) April 17th, 2011

The 3rd ground prong came off my notebook charger cord….am I screwed and do I now have to fork over another $80.00 for a new charger or can I still use it like am right now?

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You really should use it with the ground plug but, but unless there is something peculiar or inherently different about a laptop charger plug, and there could be, you should be able to fix it for a couple of bucks. Go to the hardware store or someplace like Hope Depot and by a new, replacement 3 pronged plug, it might cost you like $1.89 or maybe a little more. Then cut the old plug off, it best to do it with something meant for that kind of thing like wire cutters, a pair pliers with a wire cutter on in rather than with scissor or a kitchen knife or chewing it off with your teeth :-) because it better to have a clean, straight cut at that end. You shouldn’t even have to strip the wires because I think most or at least many of the replacement plugs have little metal teeth in them so that you can open up the slot, put the cord into the slot and and when you close down on the cord, clamp it shut, the metal teeth cut through the insulation and make the connection with the wires. Easy as pie. If you have a nice, friendly little neighborhood hardware store like I do they might even do the repair for you, mine does that kind of thing.

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@lillycoyote Great Idea! Easy as pie! Why didn’t I think of that!

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@Cruiser I was actually wondering that myself; why you didn’t think of it. I leave for a couple of months and you all become helpless. ;-)

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I would also buy a spare charger, and you can probably get one very cheap from ebay

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