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Should I just apply to this other job?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7991points) April 17th, 2011

I applied for about eight lifeguarding jobs this summer because I’d love to make some extra money for my trip to Argentina, but I haven’t heard back from a single one of them. I applied about two or three weeks ago, and I would think that they would have contacted me by now…
I have another job application at a library – which doesn’t pay as much but at least it’s a job.
Should I submit that application or wait a little while longer? The librarian in charge there already knows that I have the application and she signed and dated it so that she would remember that I was there as one of the first people (it was first come first serve).

And how long is the typical wait for a job response?

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If all you care about is the extra cash. . . try at the other job!

You can’t lose anything by doing it . . .

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Have you called to follow up with them? Since pools don’t open for another 6 weeks in most places, they may be waiting to see if lifeguards from last year are planning on coming back.

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Have you telephoned any of the organisations you applied to? Phone them up and ask them how your application is going and if you weren’t successful, ask them for some feedback on where you could have improved your experience or application.

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@BarnacleBill we are thinking alike!

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You say it doesn’t pay as much, but is the pay close to what you would be making lifeguarding? I say go with the offer that is a sure shot right now. If the other job comes in the meantime than you can decline the library job.

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@AmWiser : Lifeguarding is 15$ an hour, and I’m assuming that working in a library isn’t nearly as much as that.

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@troubleinharlem than by all means follow the above posters advice and make some follow-up calls. Good luck. Also, you may be surprised how much the library is paying.

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Quit the job if you get the other one. You might as well be making something.

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Apply, yes. You can always decline the job offer.

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You should go ahead and put in the application at the library. At least that way if you don’t hear back from any of the lifeguard jobs you will still have a summer job. You can also make follow up calls to the other places you have applied at. Many employers are impressed when you follow up on your application.

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I dunno…this kind of reminds me of the story of the little dog who found a bone, then saw his own reflection in the water of a stream.

Not content with the bone that he already had, he lunged for the “other” dog’s bone and watched helplessly as his bone fall into the water.

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Go for it. You’ve got nothing to lose! It took 6 months to get the job I have now, so I say take what you can get. If nine applications is all it ends up taking, you’re lucky.

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Apply for as many jobs as you can. If you get multiple offers, you can choose the best one. In the meantime, do follow up on those you’ve already applied to.

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I hope you have the training and experience to be a lifeguard. If not, your consideration will be at the bottom of the list. You can understand why.

I would apply for just about any job to help you make it throught the summer and money for your trip. jp

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