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What would you think if Fluther had a ”Hot Top 10” button?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) April 18th, 2011

At the top along with ”Just for you”, ”Social”, etc there was a button that said ”Hot Top 10” for questions that had a combination of most GQ and responses and/or questions that had most responses over a 24hr period. Would it be a button you’d check out or browse as usual?

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My foolish questions answered!!!! :)

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That’s actually a pretty great idea. I hate missing interesting conversations.

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I just click on “active”.

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I would look.

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Even though it would usually consist of my last 10 questions I would still have to check it out.

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I would like an ejector seat button that will send random jellies into orbit. ;)

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It’s not a bad idea, actually. I’d dig it.

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I disagree. I don’t like it when there are too many answers because then my ideas/answers get stolen. :( Plus, I think that if there were to be such a tab, it would get clogged with all those spammy games in the social section…just click active like @seazen_ great-answer-worthfully new word? said.

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@dxs Yeah, what is with those spammy games?!

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I’d like it…sometimes I miss some pretty great threads :(

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The trouble with just clicking on the “active” Social, or General thread buttons is that it pulls up a laundry list of questions (most likely in the order they were posted) and to get to the ones that appear to be most active or popular at the moment you have to search through page after page. If there was a way to filter out old post or those not active it might be something, but as it stands you can’t. Some which appear to be active and popular because the high answer count are only that way because the question is old and got a new post; no reflection to it being one of the hottest over the last 24 hours. And maybe there should be a seperate catagory of questions for Entertainment & Announcements for those who want to have word games or use questions to announce somone’s larvae accomplishments, etc. then a “Top 10” catagory would not get flooded with them as that catagory would not be included.

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I’d check it out. might starve traffic away from neglected questions but that can happen anyway.

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