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IPO. Does fluther have a monetary value? Is it more precious than that?

Asked by gmander (1141points) April 18th, 2011

I like fluther but I don’t see how it makes money. Should it, could it, with a goat? On a boat?

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It makes enough money to pay for itself with advertising, which is not visible to logged-in users.

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I don’t think it makes enough to cover the investment bankers’ fees.

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All of it together still wouldn’t buy @bob_ a sandwich, sadly.

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Fluther must have been doing something right for Twitter to hire Ben, Andrew, and team to improve their site. About the time they took Twitter’s offer Twitter founder Jack Dorsey returned to the helm, with the intention of broadening Twitter’s appeal to “live up to its multibillion-dollar valuation” [so says WSJ, 19 April]
See Fluther review here
and why Twitter aquired it here

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This is interesting:
From TechCrunch
People already ask a lot of questions on Twitter, but it is not designed as a structured social Q&A site like Quora. But that may change judging by a talent acquisition of the team at Fluther, a social Q&A service founded in 2007 that raised $600,000 from Ron Conway, Marc Andreessen, Ben Horowitz, and Naval Ravikant. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Twitter did not buy the Fluther product or shares of the company. Rather it entered into an agreement with the five-person team to join Twitter in return for some sort of compensation to Fluther’s shareholders.

Could the team have indentured themselves to pay their backers?

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