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Would it be selfish to ask a question looking for encouragement from other jellies?

Asked by jlelandg (3536points) April 18th, 2011

Today is day 100 of adamantly saying no to smoking (adamant meaning none at all—considering most of the time I did smoke it wasn’t really regular).

I considered posting on general a request for support of me in this endeavor, but I figured it might be a
“look at me post” that I might personally look down upon unless it was someone who was in the same boat as me.

So instead I’m asking here as a “what say you flutherites” style question.

If you want to make fun of me, you can do that too!

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Nope and nice work.

Remember, you’re past the hard part. It’s all in your head now.

Good luck!

needy ass mother fuc . . .

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100 days without a cigarette is grounds to give you a gold medal. You are to be congratulated, so here goes…..................salute, salute, salute!

I am proud of you and I am sure the other people on Fluther are, also.

Just think of the money you will now be saving.

Way to go !!!

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Good for you!
It’s nice to see someone doing well! :))

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Not selfish. I have posted questions to make me feel better several times. Not exactly the same, but it was not really a burning question, but rather asking for stories from others that would make me feel less alone, or understood, or give me some insight by hearing someone else’s experience. The collective always comes through.

Congratulations on your accomplishment by the way. Is this your first time quitting?

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@JLeslie it’s my first time to actively say I’m through with them. I was never a major regular, but I picked it up as a side hobby the past few years.

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Well, it’s a big deal, you should feel really good about this accomplishment. 100 days. Do you actually have a day where you forget to even think about smoking? It’s completely out of your thoughts and routine for long stretches of time?

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Once in awhile. I still praise it for being a great “hobby”, just doesn’t mesh with my desire to do triathlons. Smelling most cigs now make me physically sick.

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Keep going… I quit just over 13years ago and I can still find myself thinking about smoking…but I know I’ll never go back to it. It is a hard struggle at times but your fellow flutherites are here to help whenever you feel the cravings start.

CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS on the 100 days and I hope that you keep going you will start to feel the benefits soon, if not already :)

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We have a thread for encouragement. The progress thread. But congrats anyway.

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Hey! Great job! Good luck and keep going! I remember quitting butts was hard but the urges came on strong the 3rd day, the 3rd week and the 3rd month! You are right there and DON“T GIVE IN! EVAH!!!

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I’m always in the mood for some good news!
Good for you!

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Great effort! I am 21 days into a new health program so I know how hard it is. 100 days is a major accomplishment!

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Huzzah for you! 100 days is a great milestone!

You just reminded me to look at my quit counter. It’s a cute little app for your PC that lets you know how long it’s been since you gave up the filthy habit.

Mine says: “My name is [aprilsimnel].
I have not smoked for 2 years, 7 months, 30 days, 5 hours, 30 minutes and 35 seconds.”


If I can do it, and I thought every little emotional bump in the road meant I needed a nicotine fix, then you can do it, too.

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This is amazing…..and I am glad you had the courage to ask for some hoorays!

Here are about a million (((((((((well done))))))))))))))

Keep on going…...DR

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Good job. If you like send me your info and I’ll take care of two months Netflix subscription for you. Watching movies is a great habit.

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Yay for you! Like you, I was an irregular smoker for years: now it’s been about 20 years with nary a one. It gets easier and easier as time goes on.

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Great JOB! Getting past the 3 month mark is a big deal! You deserve the pat on the back.

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Well done!

And there’s nothing wrong with being proud or looking for encouragement. This is quite a feat!

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That’s fantastic!
Keep it up. It gets easier with time :)

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* * * Y A Y * * *

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@mazingerz88 thanks for the offer, but I don’t think netflicks mails to China!

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@jlelandg Good damn job! And I guess you guys and gals in China get a bad deal when it comes to netertainment…but not as bad as North Korea.

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Sure. Why the hell not?!

Nice job. Keep up the good work. I imagine it can’t be easy, so take a moment and be proud of yourself.

Then get back to work punk!

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Yay for you!! I am a co-quitter. It’s just over 4 months for me. Last week I thought about cigarettes with great affection and desire. I was a pack a day girl and cigarettes in Canada are about $11/pack. I’ve quit a lot and would bum one or buy a pack just for this party or whatever, but I feel different this time. So good for you and me!

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Congratulations! You’ve just proved you’re a strong person and not stupid. Now you might try putting aside the amount of money you used to use to buy the cigarettes and see how much you have in 6 months. Treat yourself to something special.

Ditto for you @faye !

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@Sunny2 most people start smoking in China because a pack is only $1 or $3 if it’s quality cigs…Time to bike to remind myself why I don’t smoke anymore!

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Giving up smoking is a very big deal and takes a lot of determination so you definitely deserve a big pat on the back. Well done. Keep going. Every day you don’t smoke your body says thank you.

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I quit and it’s hard. It gets easier though.

Other than the actual smoking sensation itself, there is nothing at all good about smoking. So after a while, when you no longer have that urge to light the fire stick between your lips, think about all the money you saved, now and certainly in the future. Think about your health and well-being. Think about the horrible smell that comes with cigarette breath, hair and clothes.

Now put aside each month what you are saving on cigarettes – for a year – and then go on a grand vacation plus spa with that money you would’ve wasted – you deserve it.

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