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I am looking for a indoor hanging plant to go with this pot. Suggestions?

Asked by Jude (32134points) April 18th, 2011

Arts and Crafts hanging pot.

8 1’2 diameter.

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I’d go with a pretty sedum. They’re practically care-free.

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She’s not a big pot, @syz, do you think that it will do okay?

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Some of the sedums are quite petite.

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A Hindu rope plant would work well.

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A banana palm!
English ivy is what I would pick

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*an indoor..

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At first glance I definitely thought you were talking about a different sort of pot ;-) I just have a one-track mind I guess…

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How about my good friend Phil? Philodendrum.

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@YoBob has a great idea!

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I was going to say a Hoya, all are great in hanging pots and very easy to care for. The Indian Rope plant is a type of Hoya, and one of the most interesting and beautiful ones. And if you can get it, or any kind of Hoya to bloom, icing on the cake. The blooms are intricate and beautiful.

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@YoBob She’s a beauty!

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My mother has a beautiful Christmas cactus. She has had it for about 30 years.

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I love that rope plant! Someone gave me a spider plant- I don’t like it and don’t want it and nobody I know does. I’m growing a hoya to replace it.

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I love the pot. You might like these delicate String of Pearl plants. They look like pearls (or actually peas, because of the color) and the strands can get quite long.

Here’s how to care for for them

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