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Is there a way to find out who took a photo that's a Microsoft screensaver?

Asked by jca (36043points) April 18th, 2011

I have a screensaver that’s stock Microsoft. I have a coworker who someone had said is a liar. She often tells tales that seem far-fetched. The coworker told me that the photo was taken by her friend, it’s a pet that belongs to her friend. This seems like another far-fetched story. If I can verify that it’s not true, then maybe the other tales she tells are not true either. Just curious.

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Yes, if you look up “Microsoft Screen Saver” in an image search, you can find the photographer listed on the image. For example, my favorite screen saver was called “Falling Leaves”. When I looked up “Microsoft Screen Saver”, I found that the photo was taken by Peter Burian

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Let it go.

There’s no way that you can disprove her story if you don’t know the provenance of the photo at first hand. That is, if you saw the photo being taken or took it yourself, then you’d know. Otherwise, if you see someone else’s credit on the photo (which is probably included somewhere in a metatag attached to the file) there’s no way for you to verify that that information isn’t fraudulent. That is, her friend very well could have taken the photo and someone else appropriated it as their own.

Even if you go so far as to contact the photographer whose name appears in the metatag, that person could be lying, too, right? So let it go.

I think if I wanted to express some disbelief of the claim I’d do it in a less direct manner: “Wow. I have another wallpaper made from a photo of the Moon. Is that your friend’s, too?”

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What is it you will gain from this? Why bother…..

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As WasCy said it’s likely in the metadata, if nothing else you could try emailing the appropriate section of Microsoft and ask if the OS version is recent.

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