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What iPhone apps are being developed for the June update?

Asked by eklamor (415points) April 21st, 2008 from iPhone

does anyone know of any apps or where I can go to see what is being developed
for the next iPhone update?

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I’m sure we’ll see an update on that in a couple of months time…

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We are still beta testing the 2.0 software; I would start to expect to hear some rumors next month.

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If you watch the March 6th event (, you’ll see a selection of applications coming from developers such as EA. In terms of notable private developers, Cultured Code are developing an iPhone tie-in of their desktop application ( There have also been hints of an upcoming iChat application for the platform (

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NSFW Link Is this a true app , what stupid app will be next ?

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@sandystrachan That’s not an app. It’s a website. In the same way you can view in the Safari web browser on the iPhone.

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