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Whats a good way to kill fire ants without a chemical spill in my backyard?

Asked by buster (10264points) April 21st, 2008

I gotta rid of them i dont wanna dump poison all over the place.

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Squish… Squish… Squish….

That’s my favorite chemical-free method. It is rather time consuming though! If you can find their nest, and you are sure there’s no way any animals can get to it, try sprinkling some boric acid around the opening. It’s available at most drug stores.

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talk to them,

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An Uncle will get rid of them!!

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Boiling water.

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I meant Aardvark.

A different Anteater.

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hairspray and a lighter.

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Let them literally live up to their name: Light the little buggers on fire.

Seriously, if you are really in fear of chemicals try the boiling water. But it probably won’t be a permanent solution. And I found this: eco-extermination
There seemed to be many other sites that had similar ideas.

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If you have the time there is always this way. If you’re looking more for mass-eradication, done in a natural way, I would go with aspartame.

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use a mallet and smash smash smash

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soap and water works.

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maybe i could use a magnifying glass or boiling soapy water

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Diazon crystals…Yeah, you don’t want chemicals, but these are easy and relatively safe to use…And it’s quick….A few sprinkles and poof the ants are gone….

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there is a pretty effective country way to do this if you have two shovels, two people (or you are super quick alone), and at least two ant beds (and the knowledge that they aren’t going to crawl up the handle so fast that they’ll get you ;)

if you scoop up both piles and put them on top of the other they all die. (just don’t get emotionally involved that they are having to fight-i’ve had to tell someone that before- since you have to poison them anyways)

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the ants kill each other?

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to buster: yep! apparently. nature is strange that way, I have only done this once a couple years back and to my memory it worked

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well i woul combine a few methods hehe first you need a bucket get some veg. oil and smear it just around the lip of the bucket and a little bit lower on ther inside. ok second you shovel all the ant pile you can into the bucket(the vegtable oil is so the ants don’t climb out) so you then would need to have some “boiling” water(I STRESS BOILING!!!)it has to be hot enough to scald the ants and they die pretty fast! Oh and dont try to use the microwave to heat up the water stove top is much better at getting HOT! But be careful!
And for best results stir with a stick safley stir away! You want to make sure you kill the queen!

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