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Can recommend some good websites to learn Chinese?

Asked by naram (7points) April 19th, 2011

Recently I am interested in learning Chinese, but I find it difficult to learn by myself. Does any know any good online programs?

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“Rosetta Stone” is the classic option.

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chinesepod was good for me as a beginner. John Pasden is a great foreigner in China…I left because I on their upper-intermediate level but it’s a bit difficult. They gave me freebies after I got a 6 month premium. You can also download QQ and make chinese friends and chat. just type ”我是个老外想学汉语“ “I am a foreigner who wants to learn Chinese” and you should have tons of friends quickly.

jlelandg's avatar for Chinese-English dictionary online.

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If you use Google Chrome, get the Zhongwen: A Chinese-English Popup Dictionary extension (I’m sure other browsers have similar extensions). That’ll help you read characters you come across online. I would also recommend you use this flashcard program called Anki. Anki is an incredible study tool and if you use it on a daily basis it will help a lot (make sure you download the pinyin toolkit). If you study the simplified radicals and memorize those first, it’ll really help you recognize and retain the characters you will learn. That’s what I did before I started seriously studying characters and I feel like it made a big difference.

Just remember that learning a language takes time (a lot of time). Set realistic goals for yourself and don’t get frustrated if it takes longer than you think.

jessiecakes's avatar has some useful resources, as does (but it requires a monthly/yearly fee)

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I agree with @dxs , Rosetta Stone is an amazing way to learn any foreign language. If you want to learn a cheesy way, then teach yourself on Google Translate with the speaker option!

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Byki is a really good website.

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