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Which brand of dishwashers do you recommend?

Asked by eidur (19points) April 19th, 2011

I am looking for a new dishwasher and have narrowed it down to three brands; Electrolux, Bosch and Whirlpool.
If you have any experience with them, recommend one or have any advice for choosing a dishwasher, please answer.

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Whirlpool is probably much less expensive than Bosch, and honestly I was always very happy with my Whirpools. I probably would upgrade to Kitchen Aid if I were in the market right now (kitchen aid is the upscale of whirlpool). I had a few friends with Bosch, and they did say it was fantastic, although one had to have the repair man come out three times to fix something, might have just been a lemon. Even she liked her dishwasher though once it was fixed.

If you are the type who rinses your dishes off before putting them in the washer go cheaper I think. Bosch is good if you want to just put the dirty dishes in and not worry about it.

Also, I recommend getting a quiet washer. There is a huge difference in noise between the quiet ones, and those not muffled. If you tend to hang out near the kitchen, like at the kitchen table, or a family room, or if by any chance your bedroom is off of the kitchen, this can make a huge difference. I can be standing next to my dkshwasher and barely tell it is on.

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If the kitchen is in a spot where noise won’t disturb you it’s fine. I’d have no problem with buying a Whirlpool . But if the DW is a few feet from your tv I am crazy about our Very Quiet DW which is a…let me go look Kitchenaid Whisper Quiet Ultima Superba. LOL

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@eidur Bosch extra quiet. I have one, can hold a conversation (in whispers) next to it while it is running. Good job of cleaning the dishes. When I had it installed, plumber tested for leaks the first cycle, the plumber was dumbfounded at how quiet it was.

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Mine’s a Carol, she comes over twice a week! :-/
You can have her Tuesday & Friday…... she is good too, no mess & very quiet….....

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Mine is a 1967 Kenmore . . . older than my sister!

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Whirlpool == Kenmore == Roper == Kitchenaid == Amana.

For the most part, you can consider the guts of those dishwashers as equivalent.

Whirlpool acquired competitor Maytag in 2006. I’m not sure if Maytag continues its own fabrications, or if they’re just another nameplate.

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Whirlpool works like a charm!

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I will never buy Whirlpool or G.E. appliances. I have never had a Bosch appliance other than my Bosch mixer, and I love it. If their large appliances are as good as their mixers, then spend the extra money and get it.

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My Whirlpool DW uses half the power of the KitchenAid that it replaced, and produces half the noise. Works for me. Bosch is prob. better, but costs a lot more.

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Yep, what @robmandu said. Pretty much all the guts for the major top brands come from the same place these days.

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Wow, thanks for all the answers!
But does anyone here have experience with Electrolux dishwashers? I think I’m the most likely to buy one from them at this point. They’re very cheap but still seem to have great features.
I am waiting to hear from someone that has bought one (or knows someone who has).

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I had an acquaintance that worked at the Electrolux plant in North Carolina. They had a LOT of quality issues when they started up a couple of years ago.

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I had heard about Consumer Reports before but most of their (great) content appears to be for their subscribers only and I’m not willing to spend money to see one time dishwasher reviews.

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Consumer reports online isn’t very expensive. I subscribed a couple of years in a row. It’s good when you are moving and in the midst of buying a lot of things. If I had a subscription still I would give you my log on info.

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I really wouldn’t recommend Whirlpool. We used to have a Whirlpool Gold model electric dishwasher that was not a cheap model ($650). It never cleaned the dishes all that great, left soap and film on the dishes when it was done, and stopped cleaning the dishes after only 4.5 years. And that rack they put in the door, is so annoying. Flimsy latches, and it’s just a bad place to put silverware if you want it to get cleaned well. It got so bad, I just started washing all dishes by hand. It was median noisy, not quiet, but not a refined model either. The problems we started having may be due to the fact we live in a hard water area, but we always used additives in machine to soften the water. (Purchased May 2005… Disposed of in July 2010)

When my housemate noticed I started manually washing dishes, we went out shopping for a new electric dishwasher. We bought a Bosch SHE55M12UC. ($722) This machine cleans very well and for the most part I’m happy with the new dishwasher, except for 2 problems. It doesn’t finish rinse the dishes thoroughly and it has no automatic rinse/hold cycle.. Call me crazy, but I don’t like traces of detergent on my dishes. I want them thoroughly rinsed. To combat this problem, I just rung a quick manual single rinse after the machine has completed its main cycles.

The Bosch is unbelievably quiet (46 decibels) and what little noise it does make is actually pleasant. It does a supreme job of cleaning and is skimpy on electricity consumption as well as water, but I really wouldn’t care if it used more water. The finish rinse problem we are having may be due to the fact we are in a hard water area, as people in these areas have unique problems with dishwashers compared to those that don’t live in these types of areas. But it makes one wonder why these ‘brilliant’ engineers wouldn’t think to add an “Extra Rinse” option to an electric dishwasher that costs almost $1000.

Keep in mind that Whirlpool acquired many nameplate brands over the years as a strategy of their aggressive competitiveness. Not a good thing for consumers, cause they ruined the KitchenAid brand. The engineering in KitchenAid dishwashers is now Whirlpool; whereas before 2006, it was solid, renowned, industrial roots Hobart brand engineering. Perhaps Hobart decided to sell their dishwasher division, because despite their stellar reputation, they just couldn’t gain significant market share or the market share they wanted in the home markets.

My recommendations for dishwashers? : Bosch, Asko, Miele, Gaggenau, Thermador and ‘Kenmore’-Bosch

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