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Have you been blind-sided by love and passion?

Asked by wundayatta (58596points) April 19th, 2011

You didn’t see it coming. Suddenly, you found yourself hopelessly in love.

How did it happen? How long did it take? How long did it last?

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I fell in love with my husband the first night I met him. And I had just escaped from a long-term relationship. I was worried it was a rebound, but it just got stronger and after only knowing him for two weeks he informally proposed. You could call that completely blindsided. We just celebrated our 11th anniversary.

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Yes, twice. I met a woman while I was pretty drunk at a bar. She thought I was funny and cute and slipped her business card in my pocket. The next day she called me, and two night later we met for dinner. I really didn’t know what she looked like. But that night, over the meal, I fell for her hard, and was completely overcome. We had an intense, passionate three months. But as I was mulling over proposing, she was thinking about moving on. It took me about ten years before I wnet a full week without thinking of her.

My present girlfriend and I met online, and exchanged emails everyday for about ten days before we met face to face. Ever since we first saw each other, I have thought she is the most wonderful person in the world. It’s been five years now.

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Yes. It took a few seconds (I think back on the moment as the other person having invisible love-talons). It lasted for eight years, though the feeling was not mutual. I can’t say the feeling ever abated for me; it’s just that we stopped seeing or corresponding with each other. And time/distance has a way of dulling those love-talons.

I didn’t want it; I wasn’t asking for it; it took me completely over; and it has been an obsession for me ever sense. Hopeless is right.

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I have been and I still am…

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What WAS it about these…women it seems, that grabbed you guys?

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I hadn’t seen my now husband for a number of years, but the moment he came back into my life and I saw him, I had this flash of clarity during which I knew my life had just changed. I spent the time between then and when I saw him again in a constant state of excitement and exhilaration and it was mutual too.

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What do you mean “the time between then and when you saw him again ”...
Explain more Lizzy, if you dont mind…

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Well he went home. He had called around for a coffee. He phoned the next day though and came round to see me every day after…

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Yes. I had pretty much resigned myself to the reality that my life was and would be empty of passion. I was going through the motions and making it day to day. On the day I met the man I would marry, my life changed in an instant. I was blind with passion and delirious with love. I have felt that way every moment since. Our wedding day last month was the best day of my life.

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When I realized that I fell in love with my current boyfriend, I couldn’t stop crying, not from happiness. We were watching a sad movie so I just told him that’s why I was crying.

I had just gotten out of a nasty “thing” wouldn’t call it a relationship wherein I had been crushed, kicked, and beaten to a bloody pulp figuratively speaking. I was not planning on being in the relationship for the long haul and I knew that he wasn’t either. I did not want to be in love. I was not ready to have that much of myself dependent on another person and it hit me hard. This was more than a year ago and we are still together and I can say for certain that we are both in it for the long haul. At the time, though, being in love was the last thing I wanted. I’m glad I hung on though. :)

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I didn’t see it coming. I kind of liked him but he thought I was just a nice lady and we didn’t talk much. Our first big date felt like we’d been a couple for a long time even though we didn’t even call it a date. We’ve been together ever since, learning each other and sharing what we want for the rest of our lives… as a soon to be married couple.

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I was blind-sided by love and passion, from someone I would have never picked normally. We worked together and he pursued me. He caught my attention because we had geeky things in common, computers, etc.

I fell in love with him as quickly as he fell in love with me, within a month or so. Our emotional connection was as strong and passionate as our physical connection. I was shocked because he wasn’t my “type” and I wasn’t looking for love.

We had an amazing 5 months together, but unfortunately my story does not have a fairytale ending. There is no simple explanation except that I wasn’t the one for him at this time.

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the last time has lasted and lasted

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