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Does this look like slave computers making spam were run through my domain email accounts?

Asked by anartist (14781points) April 19th, 2011

I noticed a stream of peculiar emails coming through when I finally unraveled my misdirected domain email and started getting my mail. Tons of messages from innocuous addresses all strange to me with a 3–6 character code in the subject and and a 1–3 character code in the body. Are these slave computers reporting in? and is this peculiar threat/offer to possess my domain some kind of a response to my blocking my generic email addresses and slowing this junk down to a trickle which somehow manages to use my remaining two addresses.

I also seem to be in the odd position of receiving spam from myself as as well as tons of other spam.
Am I looking at slaves and a spam king?

Just curious

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The only part of your question I have experience with is getting emails from yourself. If you’re getting them, I’d be willing to bet that other people you have in your contacts/address book are getting them too, and your email addy has been compromised.

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There are no contacts in that email account—the account is intended for business use on the forever-uncompleted website
Talk about procrastination—I have had that domain over 10 years, and and anartist . . . .

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The email in your second link is a most likely a phishing attempt. It is nearly identical to several I’ve seen before when working tech support. I’m pretty sure you can safely ignore it.
The GMail screenshots don’t provide enough information to answer your question about slave computers. You would need to look at the full email headers to figure out what’s going on. Spoofing email headers is trivially easy and SOP for spammers of all kinds, but it’s fairly easy to detect if you can see the full headers and relay path.
The GMail screen also doesn’t show the domain(s) all those emails were sent from. Is it all the same domain? Is it your domain?
Don’t be shy about reporting them to either.

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I just ran a WHOIS query on the domain shown in the domain transfer email. The owner of that domain is a company in China as one might expect. They don’t run their own nameserver and there is no (it redirects to an apparently legitimate domain registrar company’s site,, which makes me suspicious.
They could be a legitimate company, and it could be a legitimate query. Even if it is you are not required to respond.
Assuming the author of the email is on the level, there is nothing to worry about. It’s just a registrar whose customer wants an “anartist” domain. They looked it up and found you, and contacted you to see if you want to give up the domain(s).
As I mentioned above, I’ve seen hundreds of these emails. I didn’t mean to imply that they were all phishing attempts, either- most of them were actually from GoDaddy- but I think some of them were. Then again, I’m paranoid.

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You want me to go beat down whoever is doing it? (I’m in China). Incidentally, my girlfriends hometown has a reputation for having the highest level of hacking/spam activity in the world…

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@koanhead I once traced a phishing email that was imitating my bank to—this is odd—the phone tree/system of a chinese bank like some IT employees of the bank were doing this without the bank’s knowledge.

As for the headers, I do think I saw anartist in the headers, I can look again—gmail has that nice “show original” thing.

It was more I was intrigued by what seemed mysterious communication with the very similar random gibberish in the subject and the body of many emails [this is a very small sampling] and I wondered if this was how the computers communicated, without the owners even knowing. And then that weird “registration proclamation” coming har4d on the heels of my actions to shut down the spam

Mostly it is curiousity. And someone who is good at playing spammers and has skype set up might have some fun with. Any takers?
And a blow-by-blow on fluther?

@Blondesjon would this make for good random ass radio?

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If you don’t know who its coming from or the Subject material, Mark it spam.
Don’t waste anymore time on it period. It is not worth it.

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I was wondering how a bot empire works . . .

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