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In the talent realm aren’t dancers getting short changed?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) April 20th, 2011

With all the flap over Natalie Portman doing or not doing her own dancing when there is a talent competition usually if the fans get to vote the singers get further. There are actors who turn singers, some respectable and many more singers turned actors but you hardly see any singer or actor that can transition to dancer, real dancing not club or street dancing ballet, ballroom, etc and be anywhere near respectable than someone who trained in the art for years. So why is dancing not seen as talented as singing when you can be born with a good voice and ability to figure out how to use it decently enough but you can hardly find anyone that can figure out how to salsa, quickstep, waltz, paso doble, or tango respectability without training?

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I believe that dancers are extremely underrated! The talent that they have is amazing. I do agree that some of the singers are overrated, but there are some that take A LOT of skill. Such as opera. If an actor is doing opera, then they have some serious skill. I believe that some of the dancing is extremely hard to learn and even harder to perfect. I think it is amazing that some actors/actresses are stepping out to do this though.

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I agree that dancing well is difficult and and admirable. But it is not as entertaining to watch someone else dance, in my opinion. That may be why ballet companies don’t do as well as opera companies or symphonies. Dancing With The Stars doesn’t get the ratings of American Idol.

All arts are not created equal. One has to be more popular than another.

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1. A lot of it has to do with the popularity of dancing in the mainstream. There’s a special crowd that goes to see dance performances, they don’t get a lot of outsiders just dropping in. Any interest created by shows like So You Think You Can Dance or Black Swan dies down soon enough.

2. Also, I think that many people don’t truly appreciate the art of dance. Nearly everyone has some experience singing or listening to singers, probably a lot more than with dance. I’ve never done ballroom dancing; I think it’s nice to watch, but it all looks the same to me. I’ve done years of jazz and ballet. Sure, as far as dancers go I’m not very good, but I can appreciate when it’s done well. Sometimes it’s being able to recognise a particularly difficult move, but the real thrill comes from seeing the details: the extension, the placement, the strength. Unless people know what to look for and have something to compare it to, it’ll just look good rather than mind-blowingly amazing.

3. Audiences just love ridiculously high belted notes.

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I agree about it being under-rated, however, there is something very special about music, and singing, and how it affects our brain. There was a very interesting article in the NYT recently about a study – let me dig it up – here it is – I think that though a wonderful dance is visually stimulating and entertaining, it cannot begin to compare with the intellectual, emotional and perhaps chemical stimulation a song/music will provide you.

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seazen hit it. Music has a physiological affect on people and animals. Dancers are going to tend to get short changed. I don’t know why hearing input would top visual input, maybe a filter we developed over time to keep from getting overloaded?
Where are my manners. Welcome to fluther JoSpert

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I didn’t mean to scare her off.

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No. If they’re doing what they’re doing just to get people’s attention, then too bad.

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They aren’t underrated. They are just aren’t as popular. Should more people consume dance performances? You betcha. Will they? Kinda doubt it.

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Why should they? It’s not like dancing is eating vegetables.

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