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Fantastic Kindergarten mini lesson?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) April 21st, 2008

I am interviewing for a Kindergarten position tomorrow, and they want me to teach a 5 minutes mini lesson at the start of the interview. Lowest grade I have taught is 3rd. Any suggestions?

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A 5 min. explanation of why the grass is green?

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Quick weather
I’m thinking of the first part on the first page of the link above. Ask them what they think clouds are made of (tiny droplets of water vapor). Then do the breathing into the hands thing to show them that their breath is warm. Hand out metal spoon (they are cold), then have them breathe on the back of the spoon. The little wisp of vapor on the spoon is like a mini cloud, formed when their warm breath meets the cold spoon. This is how clouds form. Sorry, I like weather.

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teeth brushing 101?

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The seasons

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Do a 5 minute lesson on the Praying Mantis.

Start at the egg and work your way forward and then to the egg again.

You can also do a lesson on Dancing Raisins!
It involves carbonation.
Check it out on the web.
If there is no info on it then get back to me and I will walk you through it in about 5 minutes.

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Colors and how they make other colors. Use primary color food coloring. Place in clear containers of water. Mix to make secondary colors. This can also work by making droplets on a white paper towel with eye droppers of the red blue and yellow solutions.

Simple, but the kids love it.

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fire safety – stop drop and roll. Crawl in smoke filled rooms. Using a phone to dial 911.

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Something with folding paper and cutting designs into it to make fabulous pictures.

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