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How can I get this air freshener?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7976points) April 20th, 2011

The biggest mistake in my life so far was not purchasing this air freshener from a boutique in Spain.

And it’s driving me insane! The problem is, it’s only sold over in Europe and it can’t be shipped over here. Is there any way I can still get this?

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I just tried calling the Zara store here in Chicago, but they don’t carry that particular product :(

On the bright side, I see from your link that it’s made from “100% OTHERS”, so you could just get others and make your own :)

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Wow.. if that’s the biggest mistake of your life, you and I really need to trade lives..

Have you tried emailing them to see if they’d be willing to ship internationally?

If nothing else, you can at some point in the future order this and have it shipped to me at my mom’s address in Italy, then I can bring it back to the US and ship it to you. Unfortunately, I have no idea when I’ll next be going.. could be a year or more. :\

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You will want to get that air freshener to someone who has immediate access to it (in person or in shipping radius) and then from there have it shipped to you. If you know someone in one of those two cases, then that would be an ideal solution. If not, then I would look into seeing if there are businesses within the shipping radius who offer to receive shipped items and then ship them further.

Another interesting route you could take would be to contact the store/company and see if they would be willing to ship it if you pay for shipping as a special deal. You’ll have to play more, but it sounds like it’s worth it.

A third and option would be to see if there is a comparable product within normal access to you.

Your fourth option, of course, would be to fly back.

Good luck.

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@breedmitch : Hmm. I might just go looking for some White jasmine stuff to see if they’re the smell that I remember.

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