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What's your idea of perfect weather?

Asked by yankeetooter (9651points) April 20th, 2011

Are you a bask-in-the-sun type, or do you like a stormy, blustery day? Do you like hot weather or a blinding snowstorm?

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75 degrees, mostly sunny, calm wind with a stray thunderstorm in the evening.

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Bring me sunshine or rain, keep the snow…........ :-/

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I like thunderstorms and rainy days myself…also, in the winter, the more snow the better…and I love to hear the wind moaning…

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Any climate where the humidity does not go below 40 % or about 60%. A mixture of storms and sun are great!

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I like it all,Life is too short not to have an appreciation for what Mother Nature can do.
I like to be out in a good snow storm or when it is raining.A windy day and I will be out flying my kite.Thunderstorms are awesome to watch too.
One of my favorite kinds of weather is at sunset after a clear,hot summer day when I am driving my boat back into port.What’s not to love about warmth beauty and peace?

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Yes-I absloutely hate those hot, humid days, @wundayatta

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A perfect day for me would be 65F, low humidity, partly cloudy skies. Ask me this in a few months when the heat index is 110F and I’ll tell you my perfect day is 20F with a blizzard. =)

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I like warm or hot sunny days. I bitch about the really cold days ou the feet of snow, but the cold and snow make me appreciate the nice days that much more. And I love the raw power of a good thunderstorm, as long as the lightning doesn’t come too close to my house. I have been in houses when lightning hits and it isn’t fun.

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20 degrees, cloudy, windy.

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My perfect weather days:
A blizzard
Stormy, overcast days
Thunderstorms in June
Storms with heavy winds but not like hurricane winds, just heavy winds

I despise hot weather

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Here’s another one: Ligthning in a snowstorm at night.Those are wild.

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Blue sky with as few clouds as possible, temperatures ranging from 70–80 degrees, low humidity. Sometimes I feel like that’s only 5 days out of the year around here…there’s definitely a possibility I may end up living in the desert again…

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Night time, no clouds, about 55 degrees, a full moon, no wind, that is absolutely perfect.

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Mid 70’s with a slight breeze. A little rain throughout the day is welcome.

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80 degrees, sunny, and blue skies.

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Anything that isn’t over 78 degrees. (Fahrenheit) If I could pick specifics, 72F, light breeze, sunny with a few puffy clouds. Then down to 55 or 60 at night for good sleeping.

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Also, cold temps at night, because cold temperatures make for a better night’s sleep.

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Depends. I could go for mid 60s and the sun shining, definitely. I don’t like hot weather, but I can definitely appreciate a sunny day.

I really only get excited about the weather when the storm clouds roll in, though. Stormy weather makes me very happy.

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-25 degrees out in Amursk, Russia. It’s the coldest shit ever, but it’s PERFECT for cuddling.

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70–75 degrees in the daytime with light fluffy clouds
60–70 degrees for the night time, full moon, no clouds

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I love a summer rain, with temperatures in the high 70’s.

The last time we had one here was August, 1983.

We were in New Orleans last July. It was about 80ยบ and raining. I went for a walk outside wearing shorts and a tank top- it felt so refreshing and relaxing.

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High 60’s Low 70’s
Maybe a light breeze.

I used to love the rain, till I had to work in it.

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hot weather!

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