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Holiday (Vacation) search by date?

Asked by wildflower (11152points) April 21st, 2008

…rather than destination.
Do you know of any sites that offer this? I’ve tried lastminute, expedia, ebookers, but all require you to enter a destination – which in my case is less important than the fact it has to be when I have time booked off.

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If you are open to going anywhere there are always courier fights. This is only one site that I know nothing about. You can Google ‘courier flight’ and see what turns up.
Basically, you forfeit some of luggage space and deliver a package to a given city, which will be picked up at the given airport. Don’t worry there is nothing illegal going on.
The price of your flight is determined by where the package has to go and how last minute it is. The more undesirable the place, the cheaper the flight.
Some are even free.

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Thanks, didn’t think of that (actually wasn’t sure that stuff was for real, or just something I saw in an episode of Simpsons once).
Basically I wanna go to a city, but ideally not in a country that ends in -stan.

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hahahahaha- I feel ya!

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If you are not as concerned about where, just when, you have a few choices. One is Last Minute on Travel Zoo Another is Last Minute. You put in your city of origin and it gives you the current deals from that city Most of the travel sites have last minute deal sections. See Travelocity or Hotwire for example

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I’d use they have something called FROM (Fast Relevant Origin Method) technology that essentially puts together vacations from all over that originate from your home airport. You plug in your origin and dates, and the FROM generates a list of 20 (you can “click to see more”) packages to destinations all over—once you select one, it will continure to pull up more packages like it—I’ve gotten some pretty awesome deals!

PLUS: If you book a vacation over $550 more than 30 days in advance, they allow you to pay $100 at booking and spread the remainder over 3 payments. Awesome!

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