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Is there another name for an Orchard Gun?

Asked by mowens (8350points) April 20th, 2011

My dad had something he called an “Orchard Gun.” We used it to scare away birds and such. Is there another name for this?

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They call them propane guns around here.

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I dont think it used gas of any kind. It looked like gun powder, I can remember loading it. It also had ammunition called “screamers” which sounded like the screaming bottle rockets on steroids. Thoughts?

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I thought you meant a potato gun, which is like a small cannon that shoots potatoes or apples.

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No this thing was actually about the size of a handgun, and resembled one as well. Thoughts?

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They also make ammunition for shotguns that is designed to scare wildlife, particularly birds, without harming them.

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It’s a shotgun with bird pellets. (Edited) Bird shot. Very scattered and small shots or bb type projectiles.

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According to this, it’s special ammunition [Bird bangers (Bird BombsĀ®), screamer sirens (racket bombs), and whistle cartridges] used with a .22 or a flare gun.

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@crisw That is too big. But it looks like it had a similar function.
@bkcunningham it definitally wasnt a shotgun.. thats too big.

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