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Keurig Owners: Do you buy K-cups on the Internet or at the grocery store?

Asked by afghanhound (150points) April 20th, 2011

Attention all Keurig coffee brewer owners! Do you buy your K-cups on the Internet or in the grocery store (or somewhere else)?

If you buy them in the grocery store, could you please tell me why that’s where you purchase them? (ex: Cost less than elsewhere, good selection, etc.)

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I bought the reusable filter. It saves a ton of money by just buying regular coffee. Occasionally, I will purchase k-cups, but it is on the spur of the moment wherever I may be at the time.

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My husband usually uses the reusable filter also.

If I were going to by the prefilled cups I would go to Bed Bath and Beyond with one of my 20% off coupons.

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My parents buy theirs at BJ’s. They get a box of 80 for about $36. They don’t have the big selection and all the flavors, but they have the basic coffees.

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I buy mine over the internet but I also use the reusable filter. People I speak with get theirs at Bed, Bath and Beyond (something to do with coupons).

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I buy mine at Sam’s Club. How much, if you don’t mind me asking, and what kind do you buy on the Internet? I can’t use that little filter thing without getting coffee everywhere.

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