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Whenever (if at all) you eat sweets/candy, do you have a favourite colour which you devour first/last?

Asked by ucme (46458points) April 20th, 2011

Yeah, i’m talking jelly babies here folks XD Or another confection with lots of individual colours present. Smarties, jelly beans…whatever your choice. If you do have a favourite colour, do you eat those suckers first, or leave the best to last? Oh mister dentist…..=0}

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Chocolate from darkest to lightest…then leave the white for my husband and son ;P

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Jube jubes – red and black last. Never eat the yellow and orange ones.

Smarties? I cram all of them in my mouth.

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If I have starburst, I start with the pink ones then the red ones, orange ones and finish with the yellow ones, my favorite.

But if I’m going to have a lolli pop, it has to be blue. I don’t like the other flavors.

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With all fruit-flavored candy, it’s usually the red and pink ones that are my favorites, so I eat them last. Also, clear gummy bears are third last because they’re great too.
First to go are the purple, orange, and yellow things, because I hate grape-flavored things.

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m&ms: definitely red first—. boring brown last

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I don’t eat any candy-type sweets except chocolate, pretty much.

But I eat the green M&Ms first! ;)

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What a great question! At work, we would fill small bowls with candy and put them on the tables of each participant in our workshop classrooms. At the end of the day, after the students had gone, we’d refill the bowls. It didn’t take long to figure out which type of candy each student preferred/detested by what was consumed and the one or two colors of candy left behind. One assistant started restocking the bowls according each participant’s preference, and they gratefully noticed.

I’m not a fan of grape or strawberry flavored candy. They either are given away or tossed. Colors, like with M&Ms, don’t matter. It comes down to taste.

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I eat the citrus flavored ones first and I always eat the cherry or grape flavored ones last!

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Green M&M’s always get eaten first.

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Orange are my favorite so I usually eat them last. With M&Ms, however, the color really doesn’t matter!

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I’m with @noelleptc—I sometimes organize my preferred color/flavors into groups and eat them in rainbow order but with one exception: Cherry.

I have to “de-cherry” all my candy before I eat it..because years ago (as a child) my mom sent me to school with cherry cough drops and I got hungry before lunch and ate them all in short succession…which made me throw up. (they had cough medicine in them) I learned in Psych 101 in college that this is called: “Learned Taste Aversion” – I can’t eat ANYTHING with cherry flavoring to this day..over 30 years later.

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The red candys are always my favorite. :P

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Cheers folks, i’m off for the night now….enjoy :¬)

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WIth M&Ms, I used to eat the tan ones last. Now I eat the blue ones last.

With jelly beans, I eat the green ones first and the white or pink ones least.

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I separate the Skittles into color piles. I give away the grape, they are my least favorite. I’m not particular about what order I eat the piles in, except I save the red for last, because they are clearly the most tasty. M&M’s are ok, I eat them all together, though when I was a kid, I never ate the green ones because I heard they made you horny. I didn’t exactly know what horny meant, but I sure didn’t want to get that way!

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@noelleptc There used to be.“In 1995, Mars ran a promotion in which consumers were invited to vote on which of blue, pink, or purple would replace the tan M&M’s. Blue was the winner, ...” Wikipedia

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Like some have already said, I don’t eat/give away the candies that are grape/strawberry flavored and save the citrus ones for last. Usually what I do with the citrus if I have an even number of them is divide them up into threes (lime, lemon, orange) and make a group with one of each to eat. If it’s M&Ms, I’ll eat the brown ones first, then yellow, orange, red, green and lastly blue. (this is based on my least favorite color being eaten first, and my favorite color last-makes me feel a little OCD).

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Starburst is my favorite candy! And my favorite is in that same oder—pink least, red, orange, and yellow is my favoriter
In general, I am not a fan of cherry and strawberry flavored things (especially cherry—ew). I like the lemon-flavored things the best, and also orange or grape, even though I just consider it it’s own unique flavor because they usually don’t even taste like grapes…oh and Blue Raspberry is really disgusting, too. Along with a really bad non-raspberrylike taste, they leave your mouth stained blue. Raspberries aren’t even blue anyway! Who invented blue raspberry flavored things?!

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Wow…well, at Christmas, when offices and public places have candy bowls set out, I go for that chewy wrapped candy roll that’s like, caramel on the outside and orange in the middle. Lacking that, I go for tootsie rolls. Lacking that I quit in disgust and leave without paying my utility bill.

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Red first. Green last.

It’s the rules.

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@noelleptc He was wrong. The red M&M’s make you horny, which, in turn make you sexy. I learned that in college. Sheesh. I hate it when people pass around mis-information like it’s fact.

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I’ve never thought about it. It’s very hard for me to keep track of the M&M’s with my head tilted back and the bag raised to my lips like a 24 oz tall boy.

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The brown M&Ms are my favorite, but I don’t really think I have a say because I don’t like them.

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I don’t know why, but purple candy kicks ass. Especially Skittles. Still though, I don’t discriminate. I wolf em down as they come.

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With M&M’s I like the tan ones (not the dark brown ones) the best. It’s an odd color of tan, but I really like it. The other colors are purely random.

With Smarties I like the green ones first (that pretty mint green color) and then the pink ones. The lilac and the yellow ones are random.

With a regular pack of Lifesavers, I like the lemon-yellow ones the best and the cherry-red ones the least. The other colors are random.

With Tootsie Rolls, I like the Brown-chocolate ones and the Purple-grape ones equally. The other ones, I’m not that enthralled with.

With Jelly Belly’s I like any of them that are yellow or yellow-green, which usually means sour and lemon or lime. I don’t like the black ones and the white ones can be good like a daquiri or yucky like something I don’t know what flavor it it. I like tart jelly bean flavors, not sweet ones.

With Dots, I like the yellow, then the green, then the red.

Even though I really don’t like those pastel colored butter mints (that they often have in bowls at the cash register in restaurants) I always choose the pink ones, if I get one at all.

With Jordan almonds, I usually go for the pink ones first, then the blue ones, then the white ones.

With Peeps, I always want to eat a pink one, but all of them, whether they’re pink or yellow or light blue, or white or brown, taste horrible. I can’t eat them, but they look so delicious.

With Starbursts (which I love all of them) I always choose the pink-strawberry flavored ones first, then the yellow-lemon ones, and I think there are lime-green ones too, then the orange and then the red-cherry ones. Starbursts are like candy heaven on earth!

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@Kardamom Trust you to give such a detailed breakdown!

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Jelly beans-I don’t care for green, purple or white ones too much, so I eat them first. Orange, red, and black are my favorite, so they get eaten last…

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@noelleptc Crap. My husband’s favorite color is yellow….what do I do now??!!

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Jelly beans are disgusting!
Buttered Popcorn…I mean come on! Who doesn’t gag while trying to swallow those…

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I’m talking only traditional flavors, @dxs…not those “Harry Potter” flavors…

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Starburst: red, pink, orange, yellow last.
Tootsie pops: Red, orange, chocolate and purple, UNLESS there is Banana in the bag, then yellow 1st!
Not a big fan of jelly beans, gumdrops etc.

I had a couple of rolls of Smarties last night for the 1st time in years!

Mostly I love M&M peanuts and Whoppers. lol

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I save one of each color until last then eat one of each color in one fell swoop. It’s an amalgamation of saccharine flavor at once…

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Not a big fan of this kind of thing but I will generally eat only yellow, orange or green ones, in any order. Any other colour, especially red or purple, there’s too much chance of getting a flavour I don’t like (strawberry, cherry, blueberry).

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Does anyone actually like cherry flavored anything?! Actual cherries are delicious. Cherry flavoring tastes like Satan’s bile. How did that happen?!

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Haha..I have always thought the same thing! Why does Cherry flavor taste like cough drops? lol

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@yankeetooter oh nonono, buttered popcorn is in the original set. Eww and Toasted marsmallow…seriously?!?!

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@yankeetooter The only kind of “Harry Potter” flavored jelly beans I would eat are ones that are flavored like Alan Rickman (Severus Snape)! Yum!

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