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What to you have to say about this dream/imaginative act?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) April 20th, 2011

Last night I had a dream that two jetliners crashed and that a macabre “amusement park ” was made from the remains of one (which was enormous—more like a cruise ship—or like the Mall of America.” The remainder of it was sunk into water and was an “attraction” and I was being escorted about same with certain airline big-whigs. I was protesting and telling them how I thought this was dreadful and an affront to those who died in the disaster. I begrudgingly took a soft drink.

My friend wrote this one today. I’m wondering what the collective makes of it. What is this story about—as fiction; as omen; as connection to the subconscious or the collective unconscious.

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It’s a premonition that he will have a soft drink in the very near future.

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hmmm… they are not happy in their job and fear that upper management is going to take the company on a plunge dive. They fear for their job. They think the C levels are taking the company on a joy ride without care of the workers. They really wanted to throw the soft drink in the faces of the big-whigs, but instead held back from any action.

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Your mind was probably musing over the fact that the human race is fascinated with the tragedies of others. Did you recently watch Titanic, Earthquake, or the Towering Inferno?

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