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Can we invent some fun canine mixed breeds?

Asked by ETpro (34552points) April 20th, 2011

I heard about a new service that will create a made-to-order mix for you. Clearly, this opens to door to some amusing new breed names. For instance, mix a Great Dane and a non-braking Scottish Deer Hound and voilá, out pops a Great Scott! And for those who enjoy more scatological breeds, we might mix a Cocker Spaniel, Bull Dog and Poodle and get a Cockabullpoo. What other amusing breeds can you help me invent?

Here’s a list of breeds. Look them over, and let your imagination meet your sense of humor and the absurd. Let’s see what creative breeds we might want to order up.

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Is it sad that I know all of those breeds? Crazy dog lady.

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Old English Sheepdog and Maltese. An Old Englishtese.

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hahaha! ^^

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@Jude sounds like a name for a cocktail, doesn’t it? ;)

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Thai ridgeback and a pug= Thug.

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A Mastiff and a Labrador = a Mastador retriever ( great for rescuing stranded masterbaters, carries a keg of kleenex and astro glide, )

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Bichon Frise, lab and shepherd: A self-cleaning smart guard dog – that knows when to bark, when to bite – and will help me if I go completely blind.

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@jonsblond When I lived in the UK, I met a few of those. :-)

@KatetheGreat Great job.

@Coloma What a useful breed. And if we can clone mastadons from DNA of remains, perhaps they would herd them.

@seazen_ You definitely get the prize for most useful breed. What’;s it called, a Bichrador Shepherd?

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Bulldog and Shih Tzu = A BullShiht

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It’s called a shedless lab – with a ‘tude.

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Cocker Spaniel and Finnish Spitz.

Cockspitz. (for the late night crowd)

This would actually make a handsome dog. I must say.

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Cocker Spaniel and Minature Pinscher
Mini Cock-Pinscher

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Great Dane and a Dachshund.

“The Coney Island Footlong”

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Alaskan Husky + Siberian Malamute = SARAPALINESE ( the breed that never stops barking )

“I can bark at Russia from here…rowf!”

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Labrador retriever and flat-coated retriever- Lab coat retriever, beloved by scientists everywhere.

Dogo Argentino and Poodle- Doodle, the favorite of artists.

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@mazingerz88 I just fell out of my bed. That was golden!

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@mazingerz88 that made me laugh so hard that the lady upstairs came down to see what I was laughing at. That is amazing!!!

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@shego Hahahaha, I woke up my roommate and got yelled at!

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Border Collie + Chihuahua = CHIBOCO ( the best breed in river crossing )

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I haven’t laughed so hard with a question I asked in ages. THanks, everyone.

@SeaTurtle The perfect breed for politicians.

@seazen_ Indded it would be.

@jonsblond Ha! What an extraordinary breed that would make.

@shego Totally hilarious. GA!

@cprevite Not only is that a funny answer, it would make for a truly funny looking dog.

@mazingerz88 You Betcha!

@crisw Ha! Truly handy to have around the lab.

@mazingerz88 Been on holiday in Mozambique? :-)

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Golden retriever, Shih tzu, terrier: Golden Shower.

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@ETpro Brilliant question, most fun!

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I don’t think I can come up with anything funneir than a real one: Cockapoo – cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle.

The funniest looking crossbreed I ever saw was a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a German Shepherd. It had the colouring and head shape of the German Shepherd but was half the size, with really short legs.

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@seazen_ Thanks. No Golden Shihtz here, though.

@mazingerz88 Thank you!

@downtide Poor dog. Those short legs carrying around such a head must have been tough.

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