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How do I keep rodents out of a Subaru Forester?

Asked by gailcalled (54570points) June 2nd, 2007
I turned on the A/C and blower on high a few days ago. A lb of sunflower seed husks blew onto the passenger side floor. When the mechanic opened the hood, he called his entire staff to see the area stuffed w. husks; plus a very strong odor of mouse en brouchette was wafting around. Every vent and pipe was packed. Car will be disemboweled this week. Any way of preventing this, short of not feeding the birds?
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this happened to my stepbrother, but with squirrels and acorns after he left it to sit all winter. you have to drive more often.
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I drive the car almost daily; but I kept it garaged next to a galvanized pail full of bird seed all winter. I had run over the lid w. the car so I think that the rodents had free run..
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What did your bro-in-law do about cleaning out the mess and future prevention? I presume that his car was left outside?
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rodents like warm, dark areas, ideal under car and in the engine compartment. I have used Bounce fabric softener towels deployed around the garage and in the engine compartment. also have used the green Irish Spring soap bar shredded through a cheese shredder and in plastic cups, apparently they don't like smell of Bounce or Irish Spring. you must remove these items when you drive.
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Kelly, do you do deploy and remove towels and shredded soap daily?
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My neighbor trapped 18 chipmunks in his Havahart last winter and sent them far, far away. But of course, new ones move into the turf.
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I wonder whether the mechanic can plug the entries w. screening? Mice and voles can certainly limbo thru a really astonishingly small opening.
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no, you just put the Bounce towel and "shredded" green Irish Spring in the car interior and trunk in a small container and leave it there. If it is stored, put some under the hood on top of the engine, but remember to remove it when you drive so it does'nt get into fan etc. also, you can put these items in containers on floor under car and along walls. the critters don't eat the stuff they just don't like the smell. I used empty yogart containers, the ones that have a replacable lid and put shredded Irish Spring in and poke holes in the lid, it contains the shreddings, yet lets out the smell. It also is good to use Decon or others to keep population down.

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I just discovered that Irish Spring is so soft that it can be diced w. a sharp knive. And I like the idea of the sealed yogurt containers. Decon I find very unappealing but may be driven to it. I have given away my sunflower seeds and bird feeders. The birds fend very well on their own...they certainly did before I came along w. my free buffet. Got chipmunk # 7 last night...I take them to the Chipmunk Home for the Aged, many miles away. I am sure that they are making baby chipmunks as fast as they can, but it is fun to see who is smarter...them or me...Usually them.

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