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Do you believe in aliens? Is there any hard proof of them?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) April 20th, 2011

I was reading an article on how many people really do believe in aliens. Is there any believable proof of them out there? If you do believe, what is your basis for that belief?

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I believe that there could be alien life out there, because the space is so huge and we’ve nowhere near mapped all of it yet. We haven’t found anything, but that also doesn’t rule out the possibility that exists. There is some research that contends certain types of bacteria may be able to exist in space (I’m not awesome, so here’s a wikipedia entry). I don’t think it’s plausible that we’ve found any advanced alien life forms.

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Is there life out there somewhere? Most probably, yes.

Has it visited Earth? No. No hard evidence at all of that.

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I do believe that there is life out there somewhere, and my belief is purely statistical. The universe is so vast, it would be a miracle of unbelievable proportions if Earth was the only planet in the entire universe that had evolved life.

What I definitely don’t believe is that they come here, abduct people or do anything else that has been attributed to aliens.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction, you look at it from a scientific logic perspective and nothing further you can’t deny it; even with no smoking gun the logic speaks volumes. If the mankind got its start here eons ago because the primordial soup with the right enzymes was zapped by a lightning bolt in a thunder storm spawning life it had to have happened elsewhere. To say we are not alone would be statistically impossible. It would be like someone winning the Powerball Lottery and having it roll over and over in perpetuity without ever having another winner.

Having had this jackpot happen else where out there I can see them visiting but not making contact; we are too barbaric, it would make about as much since as man going into the territory of some very aggressive and dangerous wild beast and trying to make friends with it. Life elsewhere quite plausibly happened 100s of millions of years before Earth leaving us to be like Neanderthal man in relation to today’s society. To Neanderthal we would seem like Gods, the things we can do with our technology they could not fathom, even those of the Dark Ages would be quite amazed and maybe try to burn us at the stake for being witches.

Abductions are also plausible, when man goes into the wild what do we do of those we don’t kill for pelts or eat? We go out and trap some, tag some, let them go to track where they travel. To a race or species from ”out there” we would be no better than a wild goose next to them. People want to dismiss that because the thought that Earthly man is not the cock of the walk in the Universe un-nerves people.

If I were them knowing what I know of man I would keep my distance the same as I would keep it from a swarming hornet’s nest.

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I remain open minded. There is as much proof of the Abrahamic religions being true as that of the existence of extra terrestrial Aliens.

(I seen a UFO in 1992, said a payer straight afterwards :-)

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Yes, and yes.

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I believe that there is a significant chance that intelligent life exists in multiple locations throughout the universe. However I do not believe humans ever have or ever will encounter extra-terrestrial intelligent life, simply because it is impossible to travel faster than light, so any stellar journey would need provisions for several decades at least, and a clear goal in sight where those provisions can be re-stocked.

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Oh? And Stargate?

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@seazen_ If that is directed at me, I know nothing about Stargate, so I don’t quite get the reference sorry.

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Imdb it – there are films and several series – one still going on.

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Yes and sort of yes.
Ignoring the ones that claim to have been abducted and those who claim the global leadership consists of reptilians, there are countless eyewitness reports (mass sightings), including pilots, law enforcement, and military personnel, there are countless photographs (of which admittedly, many are faked) and there are videos, military footage included, radar contact and even physical trace cases.
While not enough to establish the visitation of earth by extraterrestrial beings, it is more than enough to entertain the hypothesis of alien visitation.

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It may be impossible to be faster than light, but it is not impossible to arrive at a destination before a simultaneously launched photon does.
Relativity makes possible the existence of wormholes and warpdrive. Practical use may be impossible, but it may also be just a matter of time.

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@ragingloli To my knowledge, a wormhole is so unstable that even a single proton passing through would collapse the ‘hole’. All these sci-fi ideas are fascinating and creative, but I don’t think it is in any way realistic.

@seazen_ Will do.

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There have been models of Warp Drive devised by actual phycicists. It is not as unrealistic as you believe.

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@ragingloli Interesting, thanks. However the figures reflect non-viable energy demands. If we could somehow draw a relationship between electromagnetism and the curvature of space-time, it may well be possible. The Earth is a needle in a haystack, and I think intelligent life is sufficiently rare throughout the universe that no two species will ever cross paths unless they originated from the same planet.

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Oh absolutely I do, would be sheer arrogance/ignorance to suggest otherwise in my book….on sale in local bargain basements for a sensational knockdown price. Don’t know about tangible proof, but there’s got to be something alive & kicking in that vastness we call space…...or is that cleveland?

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The Drake Equation estimates that there may be between 2 and 10 (depending on whose numbers you use) advanced civilisations in our galaxy. Given that there are approximately 200 billion galaxies in the universe, there could be 2 trillion advanced civilisations out there. So yes, there are almost certainly other advanced lifeforms in the universe.

However, just taking our galaxy, which is approximately 100,000 light years across and 1000 light years deep, and therefore has a volume of 100 million cubic light years. If there are 10 advanced civilisations within it, and they’re evenly spaced, they each have 10 million cubic light years of space to inhabit. So, almost certainly, we will never have any hard proof of advanced lifeforms.

(Just to help get your head around how big just one light year is, consider that we’re 8 light minutes from the sun, and Pluto, massively further out is a whole 5 light hours from the sun.)

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Did you see the recent news report on an alien body discovered in Siberia?

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Extra-Terrestrial life? Probably. I’m talking about little bacteria, etc. I’m not sure of “martians” or whatever. I hear that they found some sort of organism (bacteria, I think) that relied on something other than what we consider the basic necessities of life. As we conclude, there is no life on these other “areas” lethological dead-end, sorry due to this, but this bacteria may just be able to prove us wrong. (this is possibly what @Haleth was saying)

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@bkcunningham I saw this story yesterday. It was a hoax. The body was a chicken.

Like the others I believe there is probably some other life form out there, somewhere.

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@jonsblond That’s one god-awful chicken

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Videos collected by men with foil hats @jonsblond. Gotta love that.

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@seazen_ I’m pretty sure that there’s a town (possibly in nevada?) that is famous for UFO sightings. They are popular.

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Aliens live a spiritual life, also

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Yes, I think there is some other form of life out there. I think that believing that life only exists on Earth is quite egocentric. In this great, wide universe I find it incredibly hard to believe that we’re it.
Just the other day scientists foud 200+ islands that had never been mapped before. We haven’t explored all of the oceans yet. Nowhere near a complete mapping of the universe. If we don’t even know what places are out there, how can we possibly know who or what is out there? I choose to believe there is life somewhere out there.

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Sorry, I made a schoolboy error. The volume of the milky way is around 10 trillion cubic light years, giving each civilisation 1 trillion cubic light years space, and not a mere 10 million as I stated

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@Allie where were the islands?

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Do worms count as aliens too? There might be some on a habitable planet perhaps 200 light years away.

But they won’t talk to us.

And they don’t space ships either. Might take them another half billion of years to evolve.

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@dxs Oh man, apparently it was 600+! My memory was off.

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I do think some kind of life might be out there somewhere.

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I don’t know about aliens, but I believe there is some other life in Space.
Here’s why:
There are myths of extraterrestrial life all over the world and thousands of stories that all seem pretty similar. I do believe these people could be right. Think about it: Space is extremely vast and huge. We haven’t even explored our entire planet, mush less our Solar System. I mean, all we know that is out there in Space are stars, meteors, other galaxies, black holes, etc. How are we to know ALL that is out there? We don’t!
Because of all this, I would not be surprised if there IS other life besides us on earth. If you think about it, it really does make sense because there is no possible way that we can know everything about the Universe right now.

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I believe that there is extraterrestrial life. By life, I mean bacteria and maybe plants. There is even a strong possibility that there is microbial life on one of Jupiter’s moons. There are advanced civilizations out there, by they are so far away that we will most likely not contact them for a very, very, very long time.

I do not believe that they have visited Earth. I do not believe any reports that bodies have been discovered. This is because all reports discribe an alien very similar to aliens in Hollywood movies/the popular image of an alien. What is the chance that an alien would look almost exactly like something dreamed up by someone on earth? What is the chance that it will be a humanoid? What is the chance that it will be short, have two large black eyes, and green/grey skin? Statistically zero.

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i would be pretty sad if there was not. but billions of stars each with planets. no doubt there is another.

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