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Would you say crime of passion, temporary insanity, or vigilante vandetta?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) April 21st, 2011

You have sophomores ”Sadie” who has a BGF ”Linda” who has a freshmen cousin ”Belle”. Belle dates Sadie’s ex ”big popular jock on campus” (BPJOC). BPJOC spikes Belle’s drink at a party and carries her to a back room and has his way with her. She wakes hours later on a chaise lounge in her underwear by the pool dripping wet. She was asked if she remembered they all piled in the pool a la movies. She don’t buy it and figure something happened but can’t prove it. Rumor floats on the grapevine that a video of BPJOC and her having sex is circulating. A G/F of hers (Belle) takes a cell phone video of a boy playing the video not knowing he was being filmed. Belle is shown the grainy video and is pissed. She confronts BPJOC and he in his frustration said none of the other gals complained and rattles off a list of 6–10 girls Sadie being one of them. She confronts Sadie and asked if it was true. Sadie admits it, and when Belle ask Sadie why she didn’t warn her or say anything to shut BPJOC down Sadie says she didn’t want to have to explain it to her folks because she wasn’t suppose to be at the party it happened anyway. A few days later Belle goes to Sadie’s job and when she (Sadie) takes her break beckons her in back of the restaurant and thrashes Sadie brutally with a golf club she lifted from her father. She then went after BPJOC but was caught before she found him. When asked why she did it she said she snapped because she felt nothing would have happened to her if Sadie had spoke up or warned her, they had met on 6–7 different occasions and she knew what BPJOC was about but said nothing. If you were in the box (jury) would you go with she snapped? Would you say it was a crime of passion? She snapped a little bit? She was so hurt and angry it made her temporarily insane and she didn’t really know what she did in a rage?

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If I were the judge, I’d toss them all jail for overblown drama! LOL!

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I don’t think she quite snapped. She went to the other girl’s work with a golf club, waited for her to go on break, then got her to go to the back of the restaurant, and then went searching for the guy. She may not have meant to do as much damage to the girl as she did, but some of it was definitely premeditated from the sounds of it. If she had just snapped, she wouldn’t have waited for her break to come up or gotten her to go to the back first (where she wouldn’t have been seen). She was angry and blamed the girl for a lot of the responsibility of what happened to her. Sure, she could’ve had a huge fit of rage here, but I don’t think it’s a situation were she snapped or just lost it.

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I don’t think this would quite qualify as temporary insanity, those kind of things tend to be the kind of situation when you are thrown into a tense situation and things just explode. She was extremely upset for sure, but taking a golf club hunting someone down and lying in wait so you can assault then and then continue on hunting for other people to hurt. That was clearly premeditated.

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If Belle has no prior history of violence, it could be argued that this set of circumstances altered her normal mental state. I don’t think a temporary insanity defense requires a time limit on the condition nor does “insanity” preclude the ability to plan actions.

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PTSD could be argued in this case, however I would be inclined to still hold her accountable. It would be a rough case, though. Two wrongs do not make a right although three lefts do….

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Sell it to soap writers thet may know what to do with it – In general it’s stupid…

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