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Is the reason why pot isn’t viewed the same as other medicine is because it is over prescribed?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) April 21st, 2011

It seems on one hand pot gains ground, here in Cali it is reduced to no more than an infraction if you have X amount for personal use. But you also have cities limiting the number of pot dispensaries and cannabis clubs. I wondered if pot will ever be seen in the same light of other medicines are? If not I wonder if it is because it seem to be over prescribed? Many I know who have cannabis cards several of them seem to have it for conditions of which there are already medicines for such as sleeplessness, anxiety, appetite suppression, etc. Or maybe what is suppose to be avoided or at least not liked about other medicines such as drowsiness, being buzzed, or tacitly inebriated is desired with pot making it seem taken more for recreation than illness and that is what is shooting it in the foot from being universally accepted in the US?

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Vicodin is overprescribed, and I don’t think anyone is discrediting that as a medication. Perhaps that plays a part, but I think there is a much bigger picture surrounding this debate.

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Politics, mainly.

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1. Its recreational use preceded its medicinal use.
2. It is a plant that is eaten or smoked, rather than taken in pill or injection form.
3. It is not controlled or patented by a pharmaceutical company.
4. It isn’t controlled by the FDA.
5. It is still illegal at the Federal level.

All of these work against marijuana being completely accepted. But I question your statement that it is “over-prescribed”. There are a lot more people on tranquilizers that are prescribed than there are people getting medicinal marijuana.

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It gets you high therefore the American puritan streak comes into play.

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Pot was legalized for medical use. People like me, who object to using pot, voted to help those who were sick and needed it. We recognize it’s good points, too.
Then we see every dead beat with a prescription, and we know they don’t all have AIDS, or that they are not going blind.
I see that as taking advantage of laws meant to help the sick, and it does piss me off.

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A lot of people need it as cure.
There’s the opposite too. People tend to visit the doctor to often for it

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Pfft… Pot being over prescribed? I say, who cares? Then I say, Take Xanax of the market altogether, but that’s just me.

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I find the pot issue confusing and didn’t realize it is overprescribed. I know hundreds of thousands of people experience chronic pain however and seems a safer fix than some of the chemical painkillers. It’s a plant…it does relieve pain…as far as I know no person on it has committed a violent crime…if anything, they FORGOT to commit that violent crime…it helps people to relax in these terribly stressful times. Don’t understand why, beyond the potential income for businesses or the government, it’s not legal as a recreational thing as is alcohol…on which people have committed heinous crimes in anger. And you just shouldn’t drive while on it or do anything else like care for children…just obvious precautions…It seems rather unfair that perhaps one day Philip Morris will be packaging it for 15 dollars a pack when people might just grow it in their window. Then we will just have the same prejudices and hatred for people who smoke pot as we have for cigarette smokers! PS. I am a cigarette smoker. Think I went off the mark…sorry!

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