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Which puppy would you choose and why?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) April 21st, 2011

If I ran a pure-bred puppy farm and you had your choice of one puppy to take home, without charge, which one would it be and why? Your new puppy can be for yourself, your girlfriend/boyfriend, wife, hubby, brother, sister, mom or dad. Each puppy has had all its shots and is ready to be taken home.Question: Which puppy would be your choice? Tell us why you selected this particular puppy and who would be the lucky person to receive your puppy?

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Do you mean by their birth order?

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What are the options?

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I wouldn’t get a puppy from a puppy farm. I’d rescue a dog. They’re my favourite breed.

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I would pick a black and tan (or red) German Shepherd puppy that is outgoing but not too over the top.One that does not show signs of fear or is skittish.
I’d pick the one that shows the intelligence and the desire to do my taxes free of charge. :)
His name would be Bubba.

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I’m not all that crazy about puppy farms. Can I check out the entire operation first?

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Are you really asking what breed of dog we’d pick? The “puppy farm” reference seems to have caused some concern, here.

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I probably should have used the term puppy mills. There are some good caring breeders out there. It’s the bad apples that give the industry a bad name.

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None, i’ve got the dawg I want/need already thanks.

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We want to get a mastiff or Karelian bear dog some day. It would be a family pet for all of us to enjoy. As far as which one out of a litter we would pick, it would depend on what happened while we were there looking at them. I’d look at how the puppy reacted to us (and it would be all of us looking) and how it interacted with the others. I’d want to watch it for a bit just playing and doing it’s thing before interacting with it on my own (or letting my son interact with it). Then, if there was more than one that we liked, we’d go by sex (female preferably) and then coloring.

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Mine would definitely be an Alaskan Husky. It is my favorite dog and from the ones I’ve seen they have great temperaments. I like their blue eyes and how they look like wolves, so majestic. I also think they would make good guard dogs. My second choice would be a shiba-inu, kind of husky-esque but smaller.

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@lucillelucillelucille I may have your dog . . .

I would most likely go for a German Shepherd or standard poodle (if you catch me on a day when I am running the sweeper for the 4th time). I would test the temperament of the puppies (many links available on this) and I would be looking for the very curious, bold dog who might do well for search and rescue work.

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@Kayak8 : ”...very curious, bold dog who might do well for search and rescue work. Have you considered a Chesapeake Bay Retriever for that? They’re seriously terrific dogs (I’ve raised a couple) that fit that description to a T.

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I’m going to go meet Conan this weekend.

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@Cruiser Conan will keep you very very busy.

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I’d want a pug! Those things are so stinkin’ cute. I’d definitely take it for myself.

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I wouldn’t buy from a breeder, but if I was getting a dog I’d go to my local rescue shelter. Breed wouldn’t matter so much as personality. I’d be happy with a crossbreed. It would need to be comfortable in a small house, but capable of long walks. It would be very important to me that the dog was safe to let off the lead and would come back on command. Also a dog that’s smart enough to learn commands and obedience, but not so smart that it wilfully disobeys.

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None of them. I don’t support puppy farms and believe that mutts make better pets.

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A Golden Labrador, as they are the most intelligent dogs, and don’t have a mean bone in their body. I had one when I was a kid- she was my best friend for many years.

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My favourite breed is a Skye Terrier but I certainly wouldn’t get one from a puppy farm.

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@JilltheTooth One of the guys on our team has a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He has a great disposition, but not the “fire in the belly” that I see in my shepherd and my labradoodle . . . (but I am open minded to an individual dog being an excellent prospect). How much do they shed?

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I’d have an any colored lab- such smart, friendly dogs, but really I’d be at the SPCA. Only now if I want a dog, I almost need a criminal check. There should keep the names of people like me who have got every pet as a rescue.

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@Kayak8 : That must be one odd Chessie! “Fire in the Belly” is kind of a trademark for the breed! They shed just like any other short-haired retriever. I have a strong personality understatement and the Chessies could match me. Smart, task-oriented, devoted and fortunately or unfortunately depending on what you want enamoured of the water. Good with other dogs, fabulous with children… I could go on and on! They need a strong hand for training. The saying goes:“You train a Golden with your voice, you train a Lab with your hands and your voice, you train a Chessie with a 2X4 and a Jeep.”

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Our family has only had purebreds. I’d pick out the cutest German Shepherd pup there! Or Siberian Husky!

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