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Do you have a favourite childhood story ? [ details ]?

Asked by Hibernate (9055points) April 21st, 2011

At a point people start to remember their life or others tell them stories for them.

I mean my relatives told me that when I was young [ about 1 year ] i liked to watch the pigeons. But not in that way. I was getting up, getting dressed then went near the stove ans i was looking out for several hours. I laughed when i first heard it but now i can explain to myself why i never get upset standing and watching something :P

Or maybe it was a story that someone told it to you.

Care to share ?

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I liked the stories my dad would make up for me and I liked Aesop’s Fables and fairy tales alot too.

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My mum told me that when I was little, I didn’t really like the thought of eating meat – guess I was a very young vegetarian. One time, she gave me some chicken and I was wary of eating it, rightfully believing it was meat. I was only young so I said, “Mummy, please tell me this chicken didn’t come from a pig.” She honestly promised me that the chicken didn’t come from a pig. xD

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There once was a man from Nantucket…

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I can tell you the exact date of this story, 8 August 1974. I was 5 years old at my grandparents’ house on a visit, and I probably should’ve been in bed, but I wasn’t. Richard Nixon gave his resignation speech live on national television that night and everyone was watching.

According to the legend, I was sitting on Grampa’s knee reading a book. At some point, I looked up at the TV, made a frowny face and said to my grandfather, “Ooh, that’s the liar, isn’t it?” and the adults promptly burst into uproarious laughter.

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I remember at 10 yrs old being in my Grandpa’s garage and watched him make a corncob pipe and then hand it to me with a huge smile on his face. I really felt special. When I pulled it out of my pocket to show my folks in the car on the way home, that was the last I saw of that pipe. :(

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My favorite story was actually pretty grim. It was based off of Andrei Chikatilo’s story. The story was about how “The Cannibal” would come eat us if we did not stay in bed and sleep through the night.

The story was about a young girl named Aleksei and her brother Sergei. They were both in bed sleeping and they were awakened by the sound of tapping on their window. Aleksei and Sergei started to tip toe out of their room and proceeded to go outside. It was very cold and dark but they still wanted to investigate. They looked by their window and there was a bundle of sticks. They thought it was a sign that they should go into the woods and look around. They ran into the woods and looked around, noticing there were bundles of sticks all over the ground, spaced apart from each other. They kept following the bundles until they were so deep into the woods that they got lost. In the distance, they saw a bright fire glowing. Their curiosity was sparked and they went to investigate, hoping that they’d find the person tapping on their window. When they reached the fire, nobody was there. They then realized that they were very tired and that they needed to lay down. They huddled together by the fire and slept for a few hours. When they woke up, the dark man was there. The dark man was dressed in dark winter jacket and a dark black ushanka. He quickly tied them up to a log and began to talk to them. “What are you doing out here so late at night?” he said. They didn’t say a word to him. “How would you like it if you stayed for breakfast?” he said. They both whispered that they didn’t mind. They sat there as he asked them many questions. The dark man then put a pot over the fire and began to boil water. He then took a knife out and popped both of their eyeballs out. He put them in the pot to boil. He proceeded to cut up various parts of them and put them into the pot. Back in the town, a giant search was going on for the children. Many weeks went by without any clues. One day, the mother was out getting water to make dinner with. She looked by the children’s window and she found a package wrapped in picnic table cloth. She opened it and found the skulls and bones of her two children.

Needless to say, I never EVER got out of my bed at night as a child. For some reason, I really did love that story. In Russia, we don’t really have cute stories that we tell the children. They all teach a lesson of good behavior or morals. I tried to translate it the best I could, but some details are kind of hard to translate into English.

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When I was real little my bedroom was upstairs and I had three windows. It was raining and I so wanted to go outside and play and was standing looking out one of my windows. My mother came up next to me and said , “if you say, ‘rain , rain go away come again another day, little Aster wants to play’ it’ll stop. So I said it and it stopped.

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Picking cherries with my family at an orchard, I waas about 8 years old.
The owner told my mom that “next time you come, we’re going to weight the kids before and after”
I guess because we had a “one for the bucket and one for me” counting system while picking the cherries.

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When I was apparently 15 months old I was sitting in my highchair beside my grandpa while he was eating his lunch. I was in a foul mood or “bulled up” as my family puts it. He kept trying to talk to me and was asking me how old I was, and kept telling me I was one year old. I looked at him and said “You know I’m 15, Dumbass!” My mom said she guesses I’d heard her telling people I was 15 months old.

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I must have been about 10 years old or so. Easter Sunday, and I had my new “Easter suit” on. So after church I want to go out and play but I want to keep my suit on. My grandmother reluctantly concedes, but not without warning me that I would get a spanking if I messed my suit up.

So all is well. I’d walked around the corner to the block where all my friend were, proud to be all dressed up. Then the ice cream man comes along and I cross the street to get an ice cream cone. After purchasing the cone, I hear my buddy’s mom call me. So I run acro….


I flew up in the air, slid down the windshield, across the hood and tumbled to the ground. I had been hit by a taxicab. Everyone rushes to see if I’m alright and I’m just crying hysterically. My friends mom was terribly upset and kept asking me if I was hurt.

“No ma’am!!!”
_“Then why are you crying?!”


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My parents told me that I knew all the alphabet and could count to 10 when I was 2 years old but I didn’t believe them. They had to show me a video where I was doing all that before I believed them.
Also my mum told me my baby word for snow was poo. :/

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Thanks for replies :P

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I have a few stories that my parents tell me that I think are so amazing, if they are true! The first story I hear a lot is that I was a very early walker. I walked at 6 months old and they said it was so cute to see me walk under tables and could barely look out the windows of an old country house. They said I was a very determined child. Supposedly I lifted a tv up at age 2 and that I carried the small black n’ white tv into my bedroom so that I could watch Sesame Street. Ha! Sounds like me. :) I don’t like to wait. Not that I’m not a patient person. I will be patient and wait, but when its time…its time to do what needs to be done with help or not!

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