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Did you gain weight after you stopped Atkins diet?

Asked by kelly8906 (340points) April 21st, 2011

For anyone that has been on the Atkins diet before- Did you find that once you lost the weight and came off of the diet that you gained the weight back? Although I want to be healthier overall, I wont do this forever…. I want to be able to drink milk, go out to dinner, eat pizza and mashed potatoes again eventually haha!——in moderation of course. LOL

I had 2 pregnancies literally back to back over the past two years. I’ve put on a good 50 pounds. I’m looking to lose 25 pounds total. I’ve only been on the Atkins diet for 2 days. I have not cheated and I won’t! But its hard to be limited to 20 net carbs a day…

My question is… once I get to the weight I’m happy with, can I add milk into my diet…. dinner outings here and there… pizza every so often, chick-fil-a then and again lol.. Basically stop the low carb thing and instead continue exercising and eating more sensibly? I know it sounds silly, but I miss my carbs and I’m only 2 days in and I KNOW this wont last more than a few months at most.

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You might want to try to do something to reduce your hunger, rather than just torture yourself with weight loss. The Shangrila Diet is supposed to do that, but I have no idea if it works as well as claimed.

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If you have a sensitivity to carbs, then you can only eat them in moderation forever to maintain your weight loss.

There is a maintenance section to the Atkins book that tells you how to gradually add them back to your diet.

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My advice to everyone? The atkins dieat is one of the worst diet ideas In history. I was lucky, I only gain a total of 30 pounds (First lost 30 then gained 60), still trying to get it all into muscle or make it disappear. Other people I know of have gained upwards of 100 pounds. Unless you’re a wrestler, DON“T TOUCH THIS PIECE OF CRAP DIET. However, if you wanna lose weight, best way to is add up a way you can get most/if not all the calories you need plus the vitamins, then add a shitload of fiber so you do get the content feeling of being full while only taking in that what you need. Plus fiber helps lower cholesterol, and clean your colon.

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I did something similar about 15 years ago called the Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet. It was a great diet in that weight came off super fast, which was really nice and inspiring. However, when I cheated, the weight would go on so quick and once I stopped the diet, it flew back on.

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I did Atkins in 1975. Lost a bunch fast, tried doing the maintenance thing, it all came back and brought some friends. Not to mention feeling crappy doing the whole process.

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If you want to be healthier don’t do Atkins, especially if you have a cholesterol problem. It is ridiculously extreme. Be more moderate, lean into beIng more healthy, add some healthier meals a few times a week, so it becomes your normal.

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DARN! I keep telling myself that I’m only 22, the weight only came on because I was pregnant and am hoping that the Atkins will be a quick way to get rid of the unwanted weight…. but I def. can’t afford to gain double back. I’m only 5’0 and am already at 140…. I coudn’t imagine being any bigger than this. :-0 I wish there were more success stories with the Atkins… bummer..

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Training your body not to process foods that you know you’ll want later is an invitation for disaster. The only people I know with long term success on Atkins have modified it by alternating restricted carb days with restricted fats days. Or restrict carbs on weekdays and have weekends free for any foods. Extremes are never a great idea. You may feel good about pounds coming off but unless you have a reasonable life plan (variety, portion control and exercise) you’ll feel that much worse about yourself when the cravings catch up to you.

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@blueroses, A friend of mine lost 80 pounds by eating LOW carb foods on weekdays…. under 50 carbs a day 6 days a week and having one cheat day a week to eat anything he wanted… basically pig out… He found that after his cheat day, he was so sick of high carb foods that he gladly went back into his low carb foods for the week…. so maybe I will try that!

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@kelly8906 See, now that sounds sensible and livable only I wouldn’t call it a “cheat” day since it is part of the plan. Just avoid a negative term that could undermine you and call it a “free” day.

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Try to go towards complex carbs instead of cutting carbs drastically. Carbs feed our nervous system and give us energy. When you cut carbs too much, your body has to convert amino acids and fat into what it requires to function and it is a strain on the system and not efficient. If you are 50 pounds overweight you are probably simply eating too much. Count calories, eat more vegetables, and exercise an hour a day. Target 1600 calories a day.

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Sorry, you said you want to lose 25 not 50. 1600 cals should put you at about 125 -130 depending on your exercise level.

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140 pounds at 5’ is not that heavy, especially after having two children back to back. I think you would lose the weight by exercising and lowering your caloric intake without depriving yourself too much. Slowly building up aerobic exercises will firm your body and you will lose weight. Walking or running everyday will help.

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@kelly8906 How old is the baby? I always say it takes 9 months to gain the weight, give yourself at least 9 to get rid of it.

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^True dat.

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I loved Atkins, except for lack of potatoes! I’ve always eaten Atkins-y, before it was famous. Meat is my favorite, cheese and butter are good things :) as long as you are active. My cholesterol was always low, my weight was fine because I burned it off. I am one of the people that balloons from carbs and they make me bloated and uncomfortable.

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She is only 3 months :) I got up to 162 with her… after she was born dropped to 140 and I’ve remained at 140 since…. However, I’ve been eating horribly… like I’m still prego :) Im having major carb cravings. It’s awful and I feel like crap. TIRED as heck… not ideal with a 5 year old, infant and a puppy.

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Oh, just three months. :)

You said it yourself you have been eating horribly. Just get rid of the frozen pizza and candy bars, cook a little more from scratch, and have some more veggies. No need to do a radical diet hange, you have enough going on.

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To avoid confusion… I had a baby girl in march of last year that was stillborn at 6 months. Then got pregnant again in april. Very soon I know. Just wanted to clear that up since I mentioned two pregnancies back to back. Thanks for.all of the replies :)

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I’m so sorry you lost your first baby. That’s devastating.

Give yourself some time to lose the weight, like @JLeslie said, healthy choices should get you there. Most people I know starting the strict Atkins went through a period of severe energy loss and/or depression. That really doesn’t sound like something you need right now.

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Oh, I’m so sorry, 6 months is in your heart.You get time to grieve before you worry about weight. You just enjoy the baby you have. You’ll run it off chasing after this one. You don’t need to be model thin. Who expects you to do all this after what gone thru?

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If you want to do a diet program, go on Weight Watchers, which is what most doctors recommend. The weight comes off, and you learn how to eat sensibly. You can make the food for your whole family, and everyone learns to eat healthier.

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