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Has anyone visited Kadifekale Castle in Izmir, Turkey?

Asked by twothecat (394points) April 21st, 2011

I am trying to find someone who’s been to this castle. Can you describe it? Is the site closed off to the public, or can you just wander up to the castle on Mount Pagos and enter the castle at any time?

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Yes, someone has. It seems to be a ruin which you can just go to. There is an interesting account here on the Rick Steves web site . Scroll down to “Kadifele: The Velvet Castle”.

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That was exactly what I needed! Thank you so much!! I’ve been surfing net all dang day.

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“When I was stationed there in the late 80’s, you could just walk up to it. Of course, you might have to push your way past vendors with pushcarts.” -Mr. Laureth

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Here’s a site with lots of photos. The site itself is for non-English speakers to practice their English.

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Kaddafi has a castle in Turkey, too? Bastard.

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Very funny! :)

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