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How much are you worth?

Asked by seazen_ (4801points) April 22nd, 2011

Apparently, I am worth the same as Donald Trump.

I am worth whatever I feel

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You can’t put a price on my head, at least that’s what the kids tell me. That’s good enough for me.
Trump can’t be that wealthy, I mean he can’t afford to call rentokill & get rid of that fucking rodent on top of his head, cheapskate!

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I know pretty much exactly what I’m worth, give or take 50K. And I don’t have a brand to be sullied when I exaggerate the numbers, which I won’t be doing here.

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They don’t make negative numbers that large (or small I guess).

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I think my genes would be worth a lot of money.

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I have done my own mental projections and “The Cruiser” knows his brand is worth a lot! XD

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I am a fucking wizard.

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@Michael_Huntington That was awesome.

What am I worth…in what terms? Well I’ll be indispensable if a zombie outbreak ever occurs. Until then, about half a Subway sandwich, and some fruit punch if it isn’t raining.

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I’m worth more than Trump, that’s for sure.

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We’re all worthless lol.

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Every fucking penny ;-0

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I’m priceless.

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My weight in Chee-tohs

Or, double checking my wallet, as many Chee-tohs as $4.77 and a breath mint will buy.

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@Blueroses : You keep a breath mint in your wallet?

Blueroses's avatar

heh heh @hawaii_jake yep, I mint my own coins ;)

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@Blueroses I am surprised you don’t keep a wet wipe in their to get rid of the orange fingerprints.

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No need to whisper – it’s the end of a thread of a crappy question in social.

That means: wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Worth every dime!!!!!!!

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I worth the same as @hawaii_jake. Priceless.

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I’m about ⅔ of a Jake, ½ of a Marina. On a good day.

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As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Your net worth to the world is usuallly determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.” I think I’m in debt.

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I’m worth more dead than alive! :-/

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Oh, @Scooby you beat me to it. I have a fairly large insurance policy, so I am literally worth more dead. However, you probably couldn’t pay anybody to do all the stuff I do, so maybe not.

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To whom?

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@Scooby & @YARNLADY Would you care to retire to the lounge? Colonel Mustard has this spiffing revolver he’d like to show you…...mwwwwahh!! :¬/

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I’ll let you know when I get my exam results.

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To whom? And on what day? Financially, not a lot, but enough to have everything I need and some of the things I want.

Occasionally, Mr. Tedibear will say something about being worth more dead than alive because of the $100,000 life insurance policy he has from work. I always tell him no, he’s worth far more to me… as a continuing income stream. :P

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I’ve frequently been told that I’m worthless. I guess that means that I, too, am priceless.

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@ratboy I wish I could double down on the lurve I gave you for that answer

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@Blueroses I got your back, but now I have nothing to give.

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@ratboy ‘s answers are usually priceless. I think you are all worth a ton – of lurve.

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