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Have you used online rent payment, as a renter or landlord?

Asked by jaytkay (25767points) April 22nd, 2011

A client with a few rental apartments is interested in electronic payments.

Do you have any advice, or tips? Any steps a landlord should not miss. Any missteps to avoid? Any particular service which you like or dislike?

Services we have considered are, and We have no preference among them and are open to suggestions.


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We were able to pay our rent online at one place we were renting in Kansas. We would go right to the property managements sight, and then click on their online payment link. It was called resident pay. I’m not sure if it was something they had set up with another company (it was a while ago and I forget how they explained it to us). It worked out nicely and we never had a problem with it.

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Yeah, our rental company has this feature, and it’s nice…I don’t use it too often because they charge a $10 service charge. I’m not sure who they use…

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I use one and it’s all right. The only issue I have is the $1.95 convenience fee and that while the water portion of what I owe is posted in a timely manner, my rent never shows up as being due. Otherwise, though, it works pretty well. I don’t remember if it’s their own thing or if they go through a different billing company.

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I wish ours was only $1.95, lol! @mrentropy.

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We have access to one which will take plastic card payments but the charge is usury at $33.00 on top of the rent. What works better is when the site is set up to take your bank routing/account numbers at no extra charge. I don’t know what the company is that hosts the service though.

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@Neizvestnaya .Ours takes plastic, but $10 is still a bit rich for my blood. I only use it in moments of extreme laziness, lol!

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I do bills for a relative and I can pay her rent through my online checking account same as paying credit cards and the cable company. It can be set up to be a roccurring payment automatically.

If the rental company didn’t take such payments, but had a website I could pay through, I would do it only if it was free. Maybe $.44 like a stamp.

If I could pay my rent with a credit card it would make me incredibly happy. But, still would not do it if there is a fee.

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@yankeetooter Yeah, $10 is a little much. So is $33. Calling it a “convenience fee” is what really irks me. It’s not anymore convenient than dropping a check in the slot when I check my mail. I would think it’d be more convenient for them not having to worry about a bounced check or having the money in their account quicker than if it were a check.

But I wouldn’t use it all if I had to pay more then $1.95.

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If they want to charge a convenience fee, I’d send in my rent divided up into ten checks. Let them decide which is more convenient. Or how about cash? In ones. Or even better, quarters.

Fucking idiots!

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These are interesting answers, thanks everyone. There’s obvious revulsion at extra fees.

We actually wanted to offer a $5 or $10 discount for electronic payment, but maybe a middleman will make that impossible.

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@jaytkay Just making it free is enough. Save the stamp and convenient once it is set up, and you have fewer worries getting your money on time.

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How would this be different than creating a website and offering rent payment by paypal?

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@BarnacleBill I think Paypal takes 2.9% + $0.30. So $29.30 for a $1000 rent payment. If they have a lower-priced option we would be interested.

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