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How can I lower the humidity level in my leopard gecko's cage?

Asked by leopardgecko123 (777points) April 22nd, 2011

My leo’s cage is a 20 gallon. I have the water on the cool side of the cage but the humidity level is over 50% almost all the time! So far, it doesn’t seem to have effected him at all, but I want to be safe. All that’s in there:
cool side: food dish, hideout, water bowl, climbing vine.
hot side: rock for basking, fake cactus.
The substrate is white sand( it never gets wet). His cage has a wire mesh covering. I don’t know how or if this will help, but I want to get the best answer possible.
How can I lower the humidity level? Possibly without drilling holes or something like that?

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Hmm,according to this site

“Leopard geckos require a humidity of 40–60% for proper shedding. ” So I’d say your perfect just where its at as long as by over 50% you mean up to 60. If its getting higher than that, I would suggest putting a fan on top of the tank to blow air across the top. This should vent the tank better and help remove some of the humidity.

What would probably work really good actually would be two little computer fans. Lay them on top, have one facing up and one facing down. That way its removing humid air and replacing it with less humid air.

Edit: also if your water dish is really big that will add to the amount of humidity. The more surface area in the tank that is water, the higher the humidity is going to be.

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Honestly your cage is ok were it is at. If you would feel better with it with less humidity that is fine too. I need to know the size of your heat lamp, how big the water bowl is, and if you have under tank heaters or a heat rock if i can give you a accurate answer that might actually help you.

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