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Is there anything better than a Canon S90 point and shoot?

Asked by chelle21689 (6831points) April 22nd, 2011

I’m looking for something more than the average point and shoot but less than a DSLR. Something that can capture movement and have a decent setting when it comes to low lights.

I am leaning towards the Canon s90 or s95. It’s pretty pricey. Are there any other point and shoots that are similar to this but cost less??;userRate

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I am a huge fan of Canon. They make very high quality, affordable equipment and their customer service is excellent. I have owned 3 Canon point-and-shoots. SD100, SD450, and the S70.

I should state first off that I have not used the S90. However, I own the S70 and it is the best point-and-shoot (PAS) I have used to date. The image quality is consistently crisp and good, requiring very little post-processing. Other Canon PAS, particularly the Elphs (SD line), have a soft focus effect that probably would be fine for most users, but as a photographer, it irks me a bit. Mainly because these photos require post-processing later and it’s time-consuming.

The biggest con that I can think of is that dark photos and night shots are extremely noisy, to the point of them being unusable. So, if you plan on taking photos with a lot of blacks/darks, you may want to consider another model. If you plan on taking mainly daylight or well-lit shots, you should probably have no issues here.

Here is’s summary of their S90 review.

Now, I know you say you want a PAS, and you may be able to find the S90 at a great deal somewhere online. If I were you, though, and thinking of plunking down $400 for a camera, I personally would save up to pay the additional amount to get a Canon EOS Rebel on eBay or whatever for $450—$550. But that’s just me reeeeeeeeeally wanting a digital SLR. :)

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Well, the reason why I’m not getting a DSLR is because I want something thin and small. I also like Canon. :)

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Okay, I get that. I haven’t seen the S90s in person.. are you sure they are thin and small? Or do you mean thinner and smaller than DSLRs? The only reason I say this is because my S70 weighs almost a pound (10.3 oz with the battery in) and is a bit bulky. When I think ‘thin and small’, I think the Elphs (SD models); 5.4 oz and the dimensions of a cigarette pack.

I’m not trying to convince or dissuade you in any way, just want you to be able to make an informed decision that you’ll be happy with.

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Well, thin and small enough to just whip out of my purse and take shots :D It’s about the size of a pack of cigarettes and slightly thinner. I saw pictures in comparison but not in person. Canon S90 and S95 has improved in size lol

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Oh, nice! Well, okay, then. :)

Another one to consider is the FujiFilm FinePix J-series. I’m unsure of the exact model, but my friend has one and then my mom bought one after using my friend’s. Nifty little camera, cool settings and doodads. My only quibble is that I don’t think the resolution is as good as the Canon S-series. As in, when you view the photo at original size (high res), the quality is not fantastic.

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Not fantastic? :( Hmmm…I’ll check it out anyways. I’d like quality pictures but I am no means a professional or that experienced. I’ve worked with a Canon Rebel XTI, but even though I like it I think it’s kind of a hassle to carry around every where.

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I have an S90 as well as a Canon DSLR. I really like the S90 for point and shoot, I highly recommend it.

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I’m just more familiar with Canon…I think I just may drop $400 on it lol. It’s hard to find deals though.

Do you guys think it’s a terrible idea if I buy a used one through ebay that is in like-new condition?

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Not at all.. I bought my first Canon used through eBay. Check out Amazon, too, people sell things used there and I’ve gotten really good deals that way.

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I bought a Canon Rebel XTI through craigs list LOL…it was about $470 a few years ago which was a pretty good deal. I never had issues with it. I guess I can check out, if it sucks I can send it back!

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if you like the canons check out the G10 probably the most capable point-and-shoot format camera. It’s also on the heavy and large side but serious equipment.
I was a big fan of the S line ( had an s60 and an s70 that used the same scuba shell) until they made the s80 incapable of saving in RAW format. A very capable camera
I’m also a big fan of my panasonic lx-2 (which has evolved to lx3 at least by now). It is a Leica design and has a Leica lens and made in the same factory. There is an identical Leica model costing hundreds more. It’s a 4x optical zoom and a 10x digital zoom that’s actually worth using. The native aspect ratio is 16:9 and it will shoot HD video. Downside for me the lx(2,3) is that there is no scuba shell available for them, my guess is that some of the switches (sliders around lens) would be hard to accomodate with a pressure shell.

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Thanks for you input dabbler, but you’re right. The g10 is a bit on the heavier side…I’m looking for something slimmer. I think I’m going with the s90 =P. Thanks so much everyone!

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as far as I can tell that series still has the best lens on a camera you can put in your pocket (lens doesn’t protrude). bet you will love it !

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Cons I heard..
– bad battery life after just 100 photos taken
– flimsy dial
– cheap feel

is this true?

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from online pics the case has changed from the s60/s70 to the s90 so I’d have to recommend getting one in your hands. I went through two of them in about four years only because I allowed myself to not treat them preciously and they got knocked around and dropped and were carried in my pockets and went scuba diving/snorkeling hiking biking skiing They seemed sturdy enough to still be clicking today if I’d babied them a bit. Those would get about 300 pics before getting weak in the knees. The after market compatible batteries can sometimes hold more charge than original, e.g. ‘power2000’ brand got great service from them. look for the mAh milliAmpHours rating on each…
The current S90 still gets great reviews and I’d be surprised if they destroy the S series franchise with a cheap one.
If you don’t have to have pocket-ability but need something smaller than the G10 I still recommend that panasonic lx, I have not had to use a spare battery (that I carry) yet, even on vacation days when I’d take 700 pictures and 20 mins of video. It’s a sweet Leica lens too but that is big enough to make you avoid stuffing it in your trousers pocket and it’s a lump in your jacket pocket. Still half as bulky and heavy as the G10 (compared on recent weekend to friend’s g10)

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