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Who are you waiting for? Who is waiting for you?

Asked by wundayatta (58663points) April 22nd, 2011

I’m waiting for my wife who had a stewardess on her plane get sick before it was off the ground. That meant they were undercrewed and had to go back to the terminal. She got partway here, but it seems that she is going to have to spend the night in a hotel somewhere, and then look for a flight home tomorrow.

My son is waiting for me because he wants to see a movie with me.

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No one is waiting for me. I am waiting for no one. Forever alone.

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My husband went to bed early and is waiting for me. I am sitting up keeping his sister and her twins company. Well I actually just helped her son get his teeth brushed and he may be hitting the air mattress any minute now. Perhaps after a round of Wii. I am waiting on my supper to settle and I’m going out on the patio for a smoke.

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Waiting for the sandman… zzz.
If anyone is waiting for me I’m unaware of it, sorry !

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I’m waiting for that right person to step into my life…
But I don’t think I have anyone really waiting on me.

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I’m not waiting for anyone, I’ve got them.
My fiancee usually waits for me to get home and my dog waits for me to get home.

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I’m waiting to see someone next Wednesday…
And as far as I know no one is waiting for me, although I’d like to hope the same someone is waiting to see me on Wednesday.

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I’m waiting for something undefined. One day it will find me, and I’ll realize I’ve been waiting for it. For it’s waiting also for me.

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My recent ex boyfriend is on his way home right now. I suppose we’re both waiting to talk it out and maybe cry a little more.

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I wait for no one and no one waits for me. lol

I am waiting on an order, thats all. haha

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I wait for me to come back. I’ve missed me. I’d fuckin’ kill to be my friend.

What’s wrong with people, anyway?

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I waited on John at the Birchmere and it was worth the wait! Thanks for sharing.

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@Cruiser I was already halfway in love w/you. That link pushed it over the ¾ mark. Thanks!

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Yeah, @Cruiser is way to handsome to be hiding in the midwest. He needs to be a Calfiornia guy! haha

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HEY, he’s taken. Back off boogaloo.

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dang! sorry to disrupt the pecking order… I know there are many girl jellies in line ahead of me for @Cruiser. I am only taking my ticket in case my number gets called.

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Oh, @Cruiser. I meant John Hiatt. Cruiser if taken too though. His heart is wrapped around some little fingers.

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I am waiting for the Easter bunny. Well, really for the kids, grandkids, and friends his day will bring to my house for dinner. I hope they’re all waiting to see us, too.

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Not a who…but a what????? I’m still trying to figure it out.

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Nobody tonight.

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I think the government is waiting for me to pay them back something…might explain all those severed horse heads I keep getting at my doorstep. I’m waiting for the cops.

Jokingz. Not waiting for anyone, and no one is waiting for me, not that I know of, unless some my roomate guy with a paper bag over his head is waiting for me to step into my kitchen and hack me to pieces.

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Haha, of course, besides, I don’t want a man…I admire them from afar these days, like toddlers and dogs. Cute..but, don’t wanna take you home. lol ;-)

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@Coloma…Busy looking up Cruiser’s addie in the midwest. Putting on my stalker face. ; )

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I’m waiting for someone worth while to walk into my life.
I doubt anyone is waiting for me.

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@bkcunningham Hahahahaha, cute. :)

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@bkcunningham I think @beckk is a girl though! Hahaha.

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isn’t fluther the anti-internet, and we’re all girls here?

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I’m waiting for my husband to come home from his second shift.

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I’m waiting for my boyfriend to call.

My friend, Chris, is waiting for me to deliver some stuff to her house.

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I’m impatiently waiting for the ice cream van, he’s very late today.
The ferryman is waiting for me, that bugger has a long wait in front of him!

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Just can’t get enough of those big missle pops ey? lol

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I’m waiting for the grief to subside so I can go on with this next part of my life, whatever that may be.

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