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Have you ever owned an Italian Greyhound?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) April 21st, 2008 from iPhone

Did your pet have any medical problems?

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I believe purebread greyhounds are one of the more inbread types of dogs. That means that genetic disorders will be very prevelant within the population.

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Eambos is correct. If you are looking to buy from a breeder than make sure and look as far back as you can in their paper work to make sure there is no mom and pop on sister and brother action happening.

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I have owned both whippets and greyhounds. Like their larger cousins, Iggys are sight hounds. I have many friends who own them and adore them. Like all breeds, they are subject to some health problems: “Hypothyroidism and other autoimmune diseases, PRA, seizure disorders, luxating patellas, Legg-Perthes. None of them is rampant but all of these as well as some other genetic maladies have been diagnosed in some. A few bloodlines have a predisposition for leg fractures because of lack of bone density.”

Here is the reference:

I think more critical is to have a clear understanding of temperament with these dogs. They require special handling as they are at once very willful and very sensitive. For training, it is best to use someone who works with Italian Greyhounds and knows them well.

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I thank you! As you can see by my new pic, I already have an IG, we call Spencer. I have to admit I didn’t realize IG’s were interbred as well.. I did do as you suggested and pulled out his pedigree tomorrow I’m going to take a closer look. Not that it would matter as he can’t sire pups if he wanted to… It would be nice to know. Again, thank you!

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Friends had several, OK but very high strung!

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He is very cute! Best of luck training him.

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I have a friend who has one. He’s adorable and hasn’t had many problems except he just developed some sort of seizure disorder. Poor Roscoe…

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P.S.-Spencer is adorable!!!

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I never owned any, but I rented a room for a while from a lady who owned two beautiful retired racers, brother and sister. When they would get out after a day in the house, it was a thing of beauty to watch them lap the large backyard!

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