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What would you think of a girl with really weird teeth?

Asked by TooBlue (1066points) April 23rd, 2011

I was born with missing lateral incisors and have 2 fake teeth (Maryland bridge). You can tell close up, but not from far away. I also have a silver crown on one of my back teeth.

I feel so abnormal and think that people will judge me because of it. Guys: would you ever be put off by that, or if it was your g/f, would you wish she had better teeth?

My insecurity and lack of confidence has led me to ask this question :(

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People’s teeth don’t bother me as long as they’re well taken care of. My dad’s a retired dentist, so the idea of proper oral hygiene has been drilled into me (ha!) all my life.

Whether someone’s teeth are straight or not, fake or not, doesn’t bother me one way or the other, as long as they’re clean.

I’d feel the same way about a partner – my ex’s parents couldn’t afford braces for him, so his teeth were terribly crooked. But he brushed and flossed regularly, and that was all that mattered to me.

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I would think she is either nice and intelligent and funny and beautiful, or not, depending on these factors. I wouldn’t notice the teeth until she pointed them out – and then – I would go back to focusing on what’s really important.

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@Seelix Thanks for your answer, I do keep my teeth clean and floss regularly.

@seazen_ Nice answer :) But I wonder if people around my age (late teens) are more superficial…and more judgmental.

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You were born you and nothing is going to change that. Many people have problems with their teeth, through no fault of their own.

How many people have you seen that wear braces? Most of these people have the same self-conscience feelings as you do. Most of them accept the situation and carry on with their lives. There are a few that will always have this problem.

Bottomline is you are not alone in the dental department. Lots of people have partials and you are no exception.

Carry on with you life as a normal person. Never mention this to anyone, unless it makes you feel better.

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@TooBlueBut I wonder if people around my age (late teens) are more superficial…and more judgmental.

Of course they are, but that’s just because most of them haven’t learned what’s really important in life yet. You might encounter some people who are judgmental of others’ appearances, but just keep in mind that it doesn’t matter. Don’t let people like that bother you.

If your teeth really make you feel insecure, you might want to think about ways to draw people’s attention away from your mouth. Look into makeup that accentuates your eyes. If you wear glasses, make your next pair a funky pair. Put some colour or highlights into your hair. Get some new, cool-looking earrings. Making little changes like this can really help one’s self-esteem. It’s shallow and kind of cliche, but it might help.

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I don’t know what lateral incisors are, nor a maryland bridge, but as long as there were fake teeth in place that’s all that matters. I couldn’t be attracted to a woman that literally had missing teeth.

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Clean healthy teeth and fresh breath are what I think is important.
Remember to let yourself smile. I’m sure that yours is lovely and will light up your face more than perfectly shaped teeth ever could. Try not to worry about it.

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I completely agree with @wilma the important thing is that the bridge doesn’t keep you from smiling as that is a huge part of people being attracted to you. It also speaks to having confidence (even if you don’t) and being comfortable in your own skin.

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On YouTube, MRirian posts these videos of herself just looking at the camera. I think it is her way of documenting her growth. Most of the time, she is silent, and when she speaks, she gets a lot of posts about how terrible her teeth are.
Okay, maybe she needs braces, but I don’t think there is any reason to think less of her because of that.
My lovely wife has a lot of dental work, including caps on her front top teeth, which were broken off when she was a child without a seatbelt in a car. She looks normal.

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For starters I wouldn’t dream of calling them “really weird.” I’m far more interested in the whole product to be concentrating on just the one thing…......excluding boobs of course, but that’s a gimme ;¬}

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I find it kind of interesting (although totally coincidental) that both of the guys I have been most attracted to in my life have had horribly severe dental problems (much worse than crooked teeth.) My husband has amelogenesis imperfecta. I still love him :>D

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Like @crisw writes, I find non-perfect teeth interesting, sometimes endearing. It’s a good question because like others, non-perfect teeth haven’t stopped me from finding someone attractive or not but if given the chance then I would make my own a “picture perfect” batch.

If I were you then I wouldn’t give it much thought other than matching up the color to your other teeth every few years.

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It sounds like your teeth look totally “normal” at first glance. I’m sure any boy who gets to know you won’t care at all about your teeth. We all have imperfections and there is someone for everyone.

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You said it: “You can tell close up, but not from far away.” Anybody close up enough to tell probably isn’t looking at your teeth. Anybody who cares for you will not be put off by what you consider to be weird. The statement you made about late teens being more superficial and judgmental refers to yourself and your impression of you as well. Relax a little. You’ll be fine.
And don’t forget to smile!

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All that matters is how white they are and how straight. My daughter has a bridge and her front teeth are bonded bright white. She has a gorgeous smile. I’m jealous.
I have a gold crown on my bottom tooth three back from the front. And a space in between my top front teeth. That I will have bonded together but I want to change the gold crown to a white one without having the gold yanked off which is really painful . Plus I paid for it. Why would he put gold near the front?? I never went back to him since he seemed to go into a foreign language when I called asked him why he did that. It was such a technical answer that I think he didn’t want me to know he did it to get even with me long story. Anyway, he spent time in jail and lost his license temporarily.

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I know a girl who also has no lateral incisors with fake teeth there, and she’s one of the sweetest girls I know. I never noticed it, either, one day she took them out for some reason and only then did I know. It’s not anything to worry about, just go about like you usually do and don’t heed much into it.

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