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Has anybody ever had one of those days where they just can't get motivated to do anything?

Asked by yankeetooter (9648points) April 23rd, 2011

Yesterday I had a great day and got so much done around my apartment…and had planned to do the same today. Now, this morning I get up and I find that I just want to go back to bed. I don’t even feel like cooking breakfast, and I definitely do not feel like doing any work around the place. Do other people feel like this on occasion? How do you overcome this feeling, or do you not even try?

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Of course, everyone does.
Just let it be, go fully into being as lazy and unmotivated as you want.

What we resist persists….let it happen and let go of your minds judgements.

We are far too obsessed with being in a constant state of ‘production.’

Bah…. I just came out of a low motivation cycle.

Everything in life is cyclic, and cycles can last anywhere from a few hours to a few years! Don’t over think it, this too shall pass. :-)

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Yes, pretty much everyday. The night before, I get myself “psyched” about doing something, to the point of almost wanting to jump out of bed and do it in the middle of the night…but then waking up in the morning thinking, “how could I have been so excited and motivated to do that last night?” It’s amazing how much a night of sleep can alter your motivation and feelings.

I don’t even try to overcome it, it’s so much easier not putting in effort, I guess because I’m a lazy person :/

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@TooBlue Sometimes, when I just can’t get motivated, I DO get up in the middle of the night and do things (while I am motivated). I do as much as I think I want to do and then go back to bed.

There are times that I am motivated that don’t seem to line up with the proper time to do them, but I take advantage of the motivation and do the thing anyway. Of course, this doesn’t always happen, but I try to take advantage of the times when it does!

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@Kayak8 Hehe, I wish I could do the same, but I’m still living at home and doing what I want while I’m motivated at odd times of the day doesn’t sit well with the rest of the family. If only we could get motivated at more appropriate times of the day. lol

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Yes. If there’s nothing too pressing that needs to be done I just go ahead and be lazy. Maybe it’s your body telling you that you need a break. As long as it’s not a recurring problem, I say have yourself a movie marathon or whatever else it is you like to do when you feel like doing nothing.

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Sure – I give myself permission to be lazy some days, just as long as I am productive when need be.

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i feel like that today. sometimes we just need to relax.

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Just last month, my doctor made this statement to me….“listen to your body. It will tell you when you need to slow down”. I think this may be the situation with you.

One day off will not kill the routine of things. just enjoy.

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Yes, I feel the same way today. I just want to go back to sleep. It’s OK to take a “lazy day” now and again, as long as it doesn’t happen too often. If you start feeling unmotivated on a regular basis, it may be time to get some professional help.

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I feel that way a lot. Especially when I get home from work and have things to do. I just want to sit and relax. Usually that’s exactly what I do.

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I am feeling the same way today! I was actually thinking about asking a question similar! So the answer is yes I feel the same way sometimes, I usually try and stay to myself and listen to my body, I actually think I’m coming down with something, so I’ll lay around today.

I hope you start feeling better! Sometimes just getting in the shower and starting your day any how helps get out of the initial funk though.

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Definitely. I enjoy the odd lazy day. Enjoy it:)

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Yes. If it’s just for one day then I just go with the flow, take a break. But if this happens on a regular basis then I know I’m feeling depressed.

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yes; fairly often. And I feel guilty about it. A good movie makes me forget the guilt. lol
You know, housework does get sort of monotonous when you’ve been doing it since you were twenty. I mean, come on. Enough is enough. I’m calling the housekeepers next week. lol


Sometimes I just don’t want to do anything, go anywhere, or see anyone (outside my home). Even when I know I could be doing something productive, I don’t do it because I don’t want to do it, and I know I can leave it for another day when I have the energy. I look out the window and see the Jones’ enthusiastically mowing their lawn, cleaning their cars, cleaning out their garages, fixing their pretty little windows, and I just go “Meh!” Lol.

Life’s not about rules all the time, and I’ll get to it when I feel like it.

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Why is it that LonleyDragons answers are so much better than mine?

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Only on those days ending with a “y”.

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@john65pennington Because dragons are pretty damn awesome!....(particularly dragons of the Cheeb variety..).

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It’s normal. It’s a smart way of your body and mind telling you to take it easy once in a while. Give recharging your “batteries” a chance.

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Why is everyone promoting laziness! Being a slob makes me feel horrid about myself. Slowing down is a good idea when one is tired. Stopping is not. Wait until bedtime- then sleep! When I lack motivation I attempt one small, achievable task that makes me feel competent and in control. Then another and so on… and another ordinary sane day somehow passes. No nasty consequences need arise from one “off” day. Stay well! :-)

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It’s not always that easy…sometimes getting through the day is struggle enough…

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