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How do I get a girl to like me?

Asked by NorbertFish4 (99points) April 23rd, 2011

I am in secondary school and I asked out this girl a few months ago and she said we need to talk more, but I could tell, even then, that she was just rejecting me nicely. I have tried to talk to her more since then but its difficult because she’s always surrounded by a group of friends whenever I see her.
How can I get her to like me?

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In my short experience, it’s a waste of time to chase one woman that may or may not like you. Instead, look for another woman. There are just some people that won’t like you, and you can’t do anything about it.

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Maybe don’t focus on her anymore. One of two things will happen. Either she will wonder what happened to you, and approach you somehow, she might be playing a game with you, or enjoying the pursuit. Or, you will find interest in another girl who is interested in spending time with you.

I hqve been married for 18 years. When I met the perfect guy for me it was easy from the start. We were both attrated to each other, both loved spending time with each other, and no games were played. It was like the most natural thing in the world. I know you are just in high school, and not thinking about who you are going to marry, but my only point is, don’t try to force thing or overthink how you can get someone to like you. Go out with someone who likes you as you are.

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I’m over 40’s years old and can say it’s a pretty good bet to leave her be and find a new girl to focus your attention. If she starts to pay attention to you, to how you are with your friends and other school people then she might learn a bit about your personality she’s interested in. Could be she shrugged you off initially because she’s got a guy in her mind already, that happens a lot so don’t take it too personally.

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You can’t! It’s the same with cheese, just find a brand that is mutually agreeable & away you go :¬)

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You could continue on this road but after a while you’ll see it’s a waste of time.

Better find someone who likes you back.

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Be a stand up kinda guy and wait for her to approach you. If she doesn’t, then be a stand up kinda guy anyway.

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You can’t make a girl like you. If she likes you, she will seek you out and will seem to be nearby when you don’t always expect her to be, her eyes will light up when she talks to you, etc. Of course, all women are different, and some are more expressionable than others. But most likely she was turning you down kindly. Now, in middle school, there may be other reasons at play. She may like you, but she’s not allowed to date yet or her priorities are school before socializing. Be her friend without pressuring her or coming on to her, and the opportunity to date her may occur in high school…

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Nothing. Find someone that does. She doesn’t like you that way right now. Just be a nice guy, and maybe her feelings will change.

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As @ucme me said, you can’t. She is either interested or she isn’t. You can’t make her want to get to know you. While you are hanging around hoping she will though, there is probably another girl watching you and wishing you would notice her, so look around with a fresh pair of eyes and get to know other girls.

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Honestly, try talking to her online. I had the most success dating in high school (and college, for that matter) by developing a relationship that involved talking online. In the days of Facebook chat you don’t even need a screenname. If you can IM first about something relevant like a homework question or a school thing then start chatting, you’re in good shape. Soon you’ll be talking nightly and if it goes well she just might decide she likes you. Worked for Josh T., anyway, when he wooed me in high school. :)

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I had a friend tell me, “Girls are like buses, there’s a new one every fifteen minutes!” The reality of the matter is that you are a guy, so just be confident and who you are! There is always a girl who will be willing to go out with you, even if you have to wait an extra fifteen minutes for her ;)

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The best way is absolutely direct and straightforward. Ask her out on a date. If you have fun she will too. If not you’ll both be happy never to see each other again. If she says no to the date, thank her. She knows its no good and has saved you a lot of time. For after she says no you can forget about her. On the other hand, if you can’t forget about her after that, get ready for life as a doormat.

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