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How can I get rid of the queasiness I feel after reading about a horrific event?

Asked by weeveeship (4622points) April 23rd, 2011

Recently, I had to read about a bunch of horrific criminal events for class. The events were described in horrific detail, down to how the crime was perpetuated and the extent of the injuries to the victim(s).

I don’t want to forget the info about the cases, only because I need to know them for the final. However, I am feeling queasy. How to get rid of the queasy feeling?

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Do you think that the horrific details will be on the test?

Did you mean to say “perpetrated”, instead of “perpetuated”?
Hopefully considering that will give you at least temporary pause from your discomfort. ;-)

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@Brian1946 Yeah, I think the horrific details might be on the test, as they were emphasized in class

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How awful. I can understand why you feel queasy. The best thing is to occupy your mind with something else, eventually you will stop thinking about what you read. Also, try not to become emotionally attached, don’t spend time imaging the events happening to you, keep it all very clinical. The more detached you are the less it will engrave in your mind. I know that sounds awful, because it seems unempathetic, and personally I am not good at doing it, but there are sudies that show our memories that are attached ro high emotion are easily recalled.

I can’t understand why a teacher would test on the horrific details. I don’t agree with doing that at all. What grade are you in?

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Wondering what kind of class this is? And if this is a field that you want to be going into?

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I often feel the same way after watching the news on television. For my psyche seeing people swept away in tsunamis and floods and crying over lost loved ones in earthquakes has the same effect. It seems as if I am constantly bombarded with the horror that can occur in life. I can’t begin to imagine how difficult what you are describing must be!

I have to distract myself, I need to get my mind actively working on a project or else empty it completely with meditation. Meditation takes practice but it can be a lifesaver in this day and age, our brains need a rest now and then.

I hope you aren’t a kid, I just assumed reading your question you are an adult taking some sort of a course for policing or law. If you are under college age then I am with @JLeslie, it seems unnedessary for such graphic detail.

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Try thinking of it as history. A thing of the past.

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You are probably identifying and empathizing with the victim, which is totally human and normal. I would echo @skfinkel ‘s question of whether this is a necessary field for you. will you explain more of the nature of your age and the class you are taking, as well as where you expect to go with this class.

As far as getting rid of the feeling in the short-term, it’s hard. If something disturbs you, it will persist, because some things that humans do are just inconceivable. Try talking yourself down (it’s not happening to me…sounds funny, but your body can react to reading or viewing a situation as if you are going through it), watch a funny movie, invite a friend over to keep you company. Whatever gets you through the night. Because the trauma will subside.

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Very likely the queasiness will fade away pretty quickly. You just read about the events and didn’t witness them directly. When you notice your negative thoughts let one thought override them by “shouting” stop inside your head. Replace them with positive thoughts. The vast majority of people are not criminals. Think about the good these people do.

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