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Best way to get rid of a headache?

Asked by sarahsugs (2906points) June 3rd, 2007
I'm not a big pill-popper, so I'm looking for more holistic alternatives to Advil, etc.
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First, make sure you're well-hydrated--sometimes that will do the trick. Here's another great trick my mom used to do: have someone put one hand on your forehead and the other on the back of your neck. Close your eyes and breath deeply. I find that can work wonders.
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drink water. enough to make your belly puff up. when you pee clear, if you still have a headache take a nap.
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Caffeine can help (it constricts dilated blood vessels).
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Yes, water. Yes, caffeine. Also - there is a useful pressure point on your hand, just above that flap between your thumb and forefinger.
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Send the children to a daycamp. Or Mom-Mom's house. Just kidding, peggy.
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You must first determine whether its a migraine or tension headache. A migraine is always on one side only (although it frequently shifts to the other side). A migraine will feel worse when you lay down and throbbing when you put your head between your legs because it is vascular. Do NOT apply heat.

A tension headache is muscular. Heat might help.

You can take up to three Advil (this would be equivalent to a prescription dose.)

If you're really into this headach thing, the grand master is here:

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peppermint oil (rubbed on your temples) is a great instant remedy for a mild headache, or something to help while you wait for the drugs to kick in for a more severe case

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stop thinking about it ... i know that's awful advice since saying "don't think about purple elephant with pink spots" sometimes makes people think of purple elephants with pink spots ... but if you concentrate on "eha ... my head hurts, it hurts, it hurts" sometimes your mind will manify the problem ... I don't know how to get rid of it, but sleeping for me is an excellent way to keep my mind off of something ... after all, you can't really think when you're napping ... just kinda dream, right? ^_^

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I accidentially discovered that I had (much) fewer headaches and foot cramps when I started drinking one Gatorade a day. Turns out I was missing some trace elements.

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stay sober

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Hi, I am not suffering headache regularly. But sometimes because of it, I feel too much pain in my head. Personally, I always seek herbal medicines for it. Recently I found on a website, a alternative therapy named heat and cold therapy which I had applied and see its great result.

So. try heat and cold therapy to get rid of headache.

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