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Have you ever picked your own bad apples?

Asked by seazen_ (4801points) April 23rd, 2011

I write a lot here. Too much maybe.

Most of my 1000 plus questions are crap. I keep asking them because I am here alone oftentimes and get bored after answering all the others. It’s also a way to say hi to whoever is “home” – because them the GQ’s and GA’s light up the side of the page – and letme know someone has arrived. It’s like chat for me – let’s me know someone’s here.

But to the point: I write when I’m on the edge of the emotional spectrum – high or down, i.e.

Thus, I have written scathing attacks – sometimes personal – usually improper and most likely either uncalled for, or regretable in the least.

Sometimes I’ll ask a mod to remove it – or even discuss a post first with someone (Auggie for example) to see what they think.

Sometimes I’ll flag myself; then you get the “thanks for picking out this bad apple” – which is funny – cause you picked yourself as a bad apple.

Thanks mods – for keeping this place great. Right Ab-ers? Right Airow refugees? Right wisd.mers? Mods – you’re spot on.

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Oh, yeah. But I secretly hope someone has seen it and agrees with me. Sometimes…

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I did once. I ask some questions out of pure emotionalism.

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Me? Flag myself? Ha!

I edit myself heavily before I post anything. I circumscribe my thoughts while I’m typing. It’s a defect of mine, I know, but I got used to it as a child. It’s hard to unlearn.

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Yep. I find myself regretting asking something and I go back and try to get it removed. It happens.

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I didn’t flag myself, but instead edited the question and replaced the title and details with a question mark. I guess I broke Fluther that night. Moral of the story, Don’t ask a question that just has a ? as the title.

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Oh well. Add to my list of asshole credentials. I never bother to regret anything I write here. I figure people will forget it within a day, anyway.

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I never forget

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What the hell is Airow?

I flagged myself once, when I realized that, somehow, I posted an answer in a question that wasn’t asking anything related to what I was answering. I’m not entirely sure how all that happened. So I called the Ghostbusters flagged myself.

…lol…flagged myself.

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I’d have flagged me if yesterday am if I knew what questions I’d answered!

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