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Regarding sites/facebook pages that post mug shots in your area - what do they typically require you to do to have your mugshot removed?

Asked by stemnyjones (3974points) April 23rd, 2011

My little sister was recently arrested for possession of marijuana. It’s not her first arrest, and she is very young (23) and just finished college.

The rest of my family and I are well aware that she needs help with her drug problems. She also has depression and seems to have recovered from bulimia, though we cannot be sure because it is something that she has always refused to speak to us about. In short, my little sister and I had tough childhoods. I have gone through NA and recovered from my drug problem, and am in therapy for my depression and anxiety. She is more of the type to run from her problems and party them away.

Her mugshot from her most recent arrest is on a facebook group dedicated to weekly mugshots in my local area. The group’s page says that if you want your mugshot removed, they will do so under “varying conditions”.

My little sister just went through a cancer scare. She deals with a lot of unresolved psychological issues and addiction problems. The comments people have made on her mugshot photo are actually more positive than any I have seen before – mostly saying that she looks young and like she is having issues, and she can turn her life around. Unfortunately, some of the comments are not so positive. Personally knowing my sister and her situation, I don’t feel that she should see those comments right now.

I emailed the people myself asking what she would need to do to have the photos removed, but I have little patience and was wondering in the mean time if anyone knows what groups like that typically want in return for the removal of mugshots.

Feel free to comment on your opinions of the situation or whatever, but please keep in mind that my primary question is what these people might want in return for removing the photo. If you think you know what they might want, please make that the start of your answer.

Thank you.

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