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Has anyone here quit shampoo, and if so, what was your experience with it?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19041points) April 23rd, 2011

Have you gone no-poo? Did you like it? Did you go back?

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I did for a period. My hair was even more awesome then. I keep meaning to go back to it, but I basically forget most of the time until right when I get in the shower.

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Pretty much. My friend informed me that it’s better to just shampoo every third day, and use just conditioner on the other days. I started doing this, and I like how my hair looks and feels.

It also saves a lot of time in the shower, so I’ve often gone way more than three days without shampooing, but always conditioning. The longer I go, the faster my hair starts to look dirty. When it looks like hell two hours after showering, I know it’s time to shampoo again.

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My hair gets dry from too much shampooing and swimming in chlorinated water and the sun so I have stopped shampooing daily and now only do it once or twice a week but I do rinse and condition daily sometimes several times a day depending on the heat!

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Yes. Quite good.

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My hair has been slowly thinning since I was just a wee ninth grader. Because of this, I’ve kept it short throughout the years. So short that shampoo is basically pointless. I just use soap on my head and it does just fine.

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I’ve been thinking about it.

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After reading this, I started this morning. :D

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Has anyone with hair past their chin gone completely without shampoo (not just less usage)?

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Now I’m trying to remember if my hair was long when I did it. It is long now, so maybe I’ll just start using the baking soda/acv thing so I can say yes.

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@MyNewtBoobs – a friend of mine who is a park ranger and an aggressive greenie has a 16 year old son who has never used shampoo in his life and he has a gorgeous mop of hair and it never looks dirty or oily. He has the usual bouts of acne on his face but the oiliness of teenage skin doesn’t seem to affect his hair. His mom is in her late 40’s and does not use soap or any kind of lotions, she has beautiful skin and hair. I don’t know if this is genetic or because of no soap, shampoo???

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My hair is long. I use castile soap, and then after I rinse it I use pure coconut oil, which keeps it from drying out or tangling.

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