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Women: do you sleep in nice sleepwear? (men can answer about SO's)

Asked by JLeslie (54569points) April 23rd, 2011

I am not talking about sexy lingerie. What I mean is do any of you actually wear matching sleepwear in good condition every night? Or, are you more like me in comfy tshirt like things and old sleep shorts or pants? I have a few matching sets, but mostly I am a mismatched mess, much of it is fairly worn.

I often think I am going to purge some of the oldest items and get some better looking stuff, but haven’t done it in a long time.

Men: if you are here, do you care what your female SO wears to sleep.

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I wear sweat pants (or shorts, if it’s hot) and a t-shirt, but I also sleep alone…

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Matching? No. I mean, they don’t clash, but they’re not part of a set or anything. It’s more comfy jammies and old shirts that I sleep in. I have some nicer, matching sets for if someone comes over (not always a special someone, but just if a friend comes over for movie and popcorn and I want to look presentable), but for the most part, no. However, I don’t wear “normal” clothes around the house, because I ruin them too quickly, so I have quite the nice stash of jammies for lounging about.

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I sleep in only the finest Calvin Klein sleep shorts..pressed of course….:)
My SO wears nothing.

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@MyNewtBoobs yeah, I have some nice loungewear also, can actually wear it out to run an errand if necessary.

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I sleep nakie.

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@plethora Pressed? I worked for CK underwear, best cotton ever. I still have some sleepwear from that time, but it is getting old.

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I just bought two new pair…..but no, not pressed…:)

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Usually I just wear a t-shirt, and have a pair of yoga pants handy if I need to venture out of my room.

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I like my t-shirt nighties most of the year and I have a few shapeless sundresses for the few hot nights there are.

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@KatetheGreat Wow, for a second I thought you were YARNLADY. I do not see her sharing the info that she sleeps “nakie” on here.

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I sleep naked or just in panties

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@MyNewtBoobs It’s kind of a joke inside of the chat rooms right now. All of our profile pics are her picture.

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Birthday suit!

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baggy boxers and a matching tank top!

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I love my PJ combo. I wear:
-The bottoms of a set of flannel pajamas that are white with red snowflakes (white pants + period=bad news, but I can’t quit)
-A super super soft obama t-shirt that could be worn daily, but is reserved for nighttime
-An unidentified-colored (purple? gray?) thermal shirt with stylish thumb holes that I wore in public in high school

I’m not sure how it started, but this is my combo, and I get sad when I can’t wear it. It does not match in the slightest.

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I do, however, always make sure to wear jammies made of YARN and ladies.

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I do like to wear an occasional sweater made from find YARN once in a while.

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I wear ladies as yarn jammies too!

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Ok ok enough yarn on my question. I want to know if everyone looks like a schlub when they go to sleep.

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Total schlub here. I wear my oldest, most comfortable t-shirts with flannel pajama bottoms in the winter or boy shorts in the summer. Right now I’m wearing a bright green shirt with a cartoon jungle on it that says “Wisconsin Dells 1996” that’s about eight sizes too big. It’s awesome. yarn

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I have a couple sets of pajamas that are nice, but I don’t sleep in them. I will put them on and wear them around the house and then when it’s bed time, it’s just a t-shirt and unders. I can’t sleep with pants on.

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Schlub here. Most of the time I wear an oversized t-shirt from Las Vegas to sleep in. If I’m not getting dressed right away in the morning, or after my evening shower, I wear this shirt and some cotton flannel pajama pants. The current ones are pale blue with cats on them. I have some heavier ones that are blue and green plaid. When the weather gets chilly but it’s not quite time for the winter comforter, I have a long-sleeved red nightgown. But mostly, schlub-o-rama.

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Nice flannel jammies in the winter and nice shortie cotton pj’s in the summer.

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I don’t wear anything when I sleep usually but if I am staying away from my home (a family member or friends house for example) I will wear big tshirt.

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