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Any recommendations for a new television?

Asked by crawz (33points) April 21st, 2008 from iPhone

My 32 inch Westinghouse is starting to die. I’m looking to purchase a new television that’s $1000 or less. Any recommendations? I’m really looking for something problem free.

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You can get a wide range of LCD, HD, 1080i televisions in that size for under a grand.
Check out the Olevia TV’s.

I have an Olevia LCD, HD, 1080i that I bought for gaming and I love, love, love it.
I am purchasing another one for our bedroom.

Check out the 242V LCD HDTV

I promise you that you will not be upset at your purchase.

It currently sells at $939.00 and all their TV’s are firmware upgrade available.

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Samsung makes great tv’s
philips tv’s are good also

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Go digital.

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I’m pretty simple, movies and games. I also use an r/f antenna to pick up the local channels. I need a tv that can do that. My son watches sesame street every morning. Is there also a tv that does this, and is equipped with a built-in digital tuner?

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Just be aware that all analog (e.g. the older tube and projection displays that are in the 4:3 aspect ratio) will be incompatible with all broadccasting after January 29th, 2009. The FCC has mandated the cessation of all analog broadcasts effective on this date, and the only way you’ll be able to consume broadcast and cable on these ‘legacy’ products is to buy a digital-to-analog downconverter (although the gov’t will subsidize the purchase of the downconverter to low-income households if requested).

This means that all television broadcast over the air and on cable and satellite will be done digitally and in high definition. Some station a will choose to broadcast in one ‘flavor’ of HD- 720p, whole others are broadcasting in 1080i. Still others are going to offer select content in “ultra high-definition” in the 1080p resolution. My advice is to fond a box that supports both 720p sand 1080i, as they should fall in the price range yourl’re aiming for; as for 1080p (i.e. Blu-Ray), that will cone at a premium, but of you’ve seen in person, you’ll know why.

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olivia is not the best brand. I sold HDTV’s for a long time. If you get a 40” inch or bigger go 1080p if you go smaller just get a 720p. Cause you can always do 1080i. I would recommend a samsung HDTV LCD. Either that or a Sony. I do have a Sharp 32” 720p. Great tv. Hope any of this helps.

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I thought the ‘09 change only applied to people who were still on antennas? The commercials said that if you are already hooked to a cable or satellite box you had nothing to worry about!

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your right. If you have cable. Or a digital signal your fine. It applied to the peps that are running off rabbit ears. When everything switches digital the ears they do nothing !

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@bulbatron9: yes, you’re correct in adding that detail…the issue is only going to affect those who receive over-the-air broadcasts in analog. If you already receive paid cable or satellite, this won’t affect you, however, most if not all of the major networks will begin or complete the transition to high-definition digital picture and sound; if you continue to use the older 4:3 boxes, your image and sound quality will be downconverted to analog, and you won’t be receiving a “true” high-definition image; it’s like driving a sports car with only the first 3 gears, or listening to CD’s dubbed down to cassette; you’re only getting a ‘low end’ approximation of the actual, full-bandwidth signal.

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thanks for the feedback I ended up with a 42 inch panasonic plasma. Got a pretty good deal, and covered all my bases, affordable, built in digital tuner, and supports rabbit ears for picking up sesame street.

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